Your Honor Awards: Lerch, Early & Brewer’s Winning Website Redesign

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The winner for the Mid-Atlantic Your Honor Award for Technology Management for 2018 is the law firm of Lerch, Early & Brewer for their website redesign. Lerch, Early & Brewer is a 60-attorney firm located outside Washington, D.C., and for this profile, we spoke to Communications Specialist, Scott Pacheco.Lerch image.jpg

The project occurred in lockstep with strategic planning discussions for the firm, which wanted to focus its efforts on succession planning and attracting the next group of rainmakers while preparing for an office move. As the firm’s managing partner at the time of the redesign said, “We’re not designing this website for 65-year-old me; we’re designing a platform for attorneys in their 20s to 50s — the future of the firm.”

“There wasn’t a question of whether we needed a website or not. The question was really about scope and process. We involved a lot of people early in the project, creating a committee comprised of attorneys in different practice groups and experience levels in order to make the process as inclusive as possible and to ensure that there was a buy-in with the final product,” says Scott.

“Our goal was to make sure the website was easy to navigate, had the ability to engage the user with the attorney bios (the most-visited pages), and to keep the user there.” Each page has teasers encouraging visitors to share, read more and subscribe. The results so far have been impressive. Visits to the main pages and average time on site are up from the same period last year.

“Literally a week after the website launched, we moved into our new office. It’s a very exciting time to be at the firm.”

Scott and Anne Core, Lerch Early’s marketing director, are keeping the momentum going by engaging an SEO consultant. “We are really looking at content to see what people are visiting. We have this amazing tool, and we just need to make sure it keeps working better for us.”

Lerch Early’s website truly differentiates it from its suburban competitors. As Scott says, “It allows the firm to digitally punch above its weight class.” We hope you will take a look and pass along praise to Scott, Anne, and the rest of the team at Lerch Early.

By Rebecca Edwards, Marketing & Business Development Manager, Williams Mullen, for the Fourth Quarter 2018 LMA Mid-Atlantic Region Newsletter

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