The New Orleans and Baton Rouge Local Group welcomes you to New Orleans for the 2018 LMA Annual Conference. We are happy to share our wonderful, historic city with you during this exciting time as we celebrate the city’s 300th anniversary.

While we hope you will gain knowledge and network with colleagues and friends while you are here, we also hope that you find some time to enjoy many of the attractions and sites that make New Orleans so unique and entertaining. In Louisiana, we use the word lagniappe to describe “something given as a bonus or extra gift.” We hope that you will enjoy the lagniappe below with some of our favorite local must-do activities.


Enjoy live music in the French Quarter. This venue was founded in 1961 with the mission to preserve, perpetuate and protect traditional New Orleans Jazz.


Take some culinary skills from New Orleans back home with you with an authentic New Orleans cooking class.


Visit the famous landmark in the heart of the French Quarter, adjacent to the Mississippi River, across from Café du Monde.


Established in 1862, this casual eatery is located on Jackson Square and is open 24 hours. Swing by and enjoy the world-famous coffee and beignets.


This national treasure features immersive exhibits, multimedia experiences and a collection of artifacts and first-person oral histories telling the story of the war that changed the world.


This local gem boasts the largest and most comprehensive collection of Southern art. The museum celebrates visual art and honors the Southern traditions of music, literature and culinary heritage. The rooftop terrace offers a stunning view of the city and the Crescent City Connection bridge that crosses the Mississippi River.


Explore the Insectarium, North America’s largest museum devoted to insects and their relatives, and take a stroll through the wonderful Butterfly Garden. Swing by the neighboring facility, the Aquarium of the Americas, to immerse yourself in an underwater world to explore a Caribbean reef, penguins, Southern sea otters, sting rays, parakeets, sharks and more.


Visit the hub of all things Mardi Gras and view floats being constructed, learn the history of Mardi Gras, see the costumes, meet the artists and enjoy some King Cake, a traditional Mardi Gras food.


With so many choices for dining in New Orleans, this website was created by a well-known food critic and is a great resource for dining in our culinary-focused city.