A Guide for Virtual Conference Attendees

The Virtual Conference Platform – A Step by Step Guide
  • After you have registered and received an email confirmation from our Customer Service team, you will receive an email from “C5 Group – ACI, CI and C5 no-reply@hopin.to” with access instructions for the virtual conference and workshops, where applicable, closer to the event date.
  • The email will contain a URL specific to you and should not be shared. To join the virtual conference, click (or copy and paste) the URL and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After you click on the link, you will be taken to the virtual event platform which is completely web based so there is no need to download any apps or special programs.
  • Our platform performs best using Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers. If you are having issues accessing the platform, try using the browsers in incognito/private mode. If you are logged into a Virtual Private Network (VPN), please ensure you log out before entering the virtual conference platform.
  • When you click on the link in the email, you will be directed to the virtual platform. From there, you will select your ticket type and click the ‘Join Event’ button.
  • Once you are in the virtual event, you will have the option to edit your profile. We have already uploaded your name and company; however, if you would like to make any edits or include a picture or add your social media accounts, you may do so.
  • After you save your profile, you will be in the Lobby & Agenda area of the virtual event. Here you will have access to the various areas or virtual ‘rooms’ of the event.

What To Expect

The virtual conference will consist of the following areas:

  • Lobby & Agenda – This is the virtual lobby of the conference. From here you can access all areas of the conference, view the agenda and see “What is happening now” which appears as a black box in the top area.
  • Main Stage – Here you will hear from live keynote speakers, pose your questions, participate in live polling and connect with other attendees through the live chat.
  • Breakouts – This area contains all the individual sessions of the day including the tracks. From here, you can watch the session of your choice, pose your questions, participate in live polling and connect with other attendees through the live chat. In sessions with multiple people, you can double-click any screen to enlarge it including the slides.
  • 1:1 Networking – This area features an exciting way to connect randomly with other attendees and speakers. To start the speed networking option when you enter this ‘area’, you will be asked to click on a “Ready” button. You will then be paired up randomly with another attendee for a quick video connection.
  • Expo Hall – This is a specialized area for networking, gathering information, and visiting the expo booths of your choice. It will be open before, during and after the conference.

    Within a booth, you will be able to:

    • Watch video materials or a presentation prepared by our partners
    • Watch the partner’s own broadcast from the booth or ask questions directly (face to face, like at a live event)
    • Use the special offer that the partner may include in their virtual booth


  • Reach out and make connections - In addition to the 1:1 networking area and scheduled times, you can also connect with other attendees using the People tab (at the top right side of the screen). You will have the ability to select who you would like to connect with by chat or by sending them an invitation to connect to a video or voice virtual meeting.

Participating in the Virtual Conference
  • On the day of the event, it is important that you join the virtual conference on time, to not miss any important information.
  • Make sure you have an excellent internet connection or the room you are in has an excellent WiFi signal.
  • Attendees will join the virtual conference muted and will remain muted throughout the majority of the virtual conference. There will be select sessions where the audience is invited to share their audio and video and participate in the session
  • Use the “Chat” box on the right-hand side of the screen to communicate during the presentation with attendees or speakers.
  • Selected events will be recorded for future viewing. This will be announced at the start of the Virtual Conference.
  • Presentations and handouts will be emailed to you a few days before the event and will be made available on the virtual event platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the virtual conference?
To register for virtual LMA Annual Conference, click here or contact us via email at CustomerService@LMAconference.com or call 1-877-562-7172.

How do I join the virtual conference on the day?
Your unique link will be emailed to you prior to the event. If you have not received this email, check your spam/junk folders and if you are unable to locate the email contact customer service at CustomerService@LMAconference.com.

What happens on the day?
After clicking on the unique link you received by email, you will be dropped into the virtual conference. From here, you can navigate the platform as described above to ensure you have an optimal virtual experience.

Will I be able to engage with other attendees?
Yes, there will be several opportunities to connect with other attendees and speakers at the Virtual Event. You can connect via the 1:1 networking feature, via the Events and Breakouts chat box, in the expo area and finally by selecting a specific person in the “People” section and inviting them to connect.

In addition, we, along with our partners will host a number of virtual cocktail hours and socials where you will be able to engage with your fellow attendees. If you would not like your information shared with other attendees, please contact customer service.

What if I am participating in the pre-conference programs?
If you are participating in a pre-conference program, you will receive a unique link for that (separate from your conference day link) prior to the event.

Will the virtual conference be recorded?
Selected events will be recorded, and a link will be provided post-event that can be viewed for up to 90 days post-event. Please note that some sessions might not be recorded based on the speakers’ preferences. At the start of the Virtual Conference, you will be told which sessions won’t be recorded if applicable.

Will I receive a copy of the speakers’ presentations?
You will receive an email a week before the event with details on how to access speakers’ presentations and handouts. Please note that some sessions might not be available.

Contact Information

If you have any additional questions or queries, contact us at 1-877-562-7172 or LMA2020@LMAconference.com