Conference Agenda

Conference Day Two | Wednesday, April 10
7:30 a.m.
Registration Opens

7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall

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7:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m..
Exhibit Hall Open

Be sure to build time in to your conference schedule to visit the Exhibit Hall. It is an exceptional onestop opportunity to learn about the latest legal marketing products and services.

8:15 a.m..
General Session Doors Open

8:30 – 9:00 a.m..
LMA Annual Report

9:00 – 9:30 a.m.
LMA Hall of Fame Award Presentation

9:30 – 10:30 a.m.
An Inside View: General Counsel Perspectives on the Use of Alternative Legal Service Providers and Artificial Intelligence

As alternative legal service providers and artificial intelligence technology make their forays into the legal sector, in-house lawyers have increased options to meet their internal and external support needs. We talk to a panel of in-house leaders to hear what they think about these newcomers and the role each could play or is playing in meeting their legal needs.

We also know that some general counsels (GCs) may be hesitant to sever long-term relationships with outside counsel, despite the apparent advantages that these alternative providers have over traditional law firms, including more predictable and flexible pricing. Join us for an insider view to see if this really is the way of the future for the legal industry.

You will learn:

  • Insights into how GCs view the emergence of new competitors and technology in the legal industry
  • A deeper understanding of what goes into the sourcing decisions GCs are making today and how that may change in the next couple years

Mark-Smolik.gifMark Smolik
Chief Legal and Compliance Officer
DHL Supply Chain Americas


Alexia-Maas.jpg Alexia J. Maas
Senior Vice President, General Counsel
Volvo Financial Services


Will-Barnette.jpgWilliam Barnette
Associate General Counsel
The Home Depot



Richard Caruso.jpgRichard Caruso
Vice President and General Manager, Legal Media
ALM Media, LLC


10:30 – 11:15 a.m.
Networking and Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall


10:45 – 11:15 a.m.
Networking for Prizes Drawing in the Exhibit Hall

Networking for Prizes is a fun and interactive activity designed to introduce you to the service provider community during the course of the conference.


11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
Concurrent Breakout Sessions
bus_law_icon.gif Business Development
bus_law_icon.gifBusiness of Law
bus_law_icon.gif Client Services
bus_law_icon.gifMarketing Management and Leadership
bus_law_icon.gif Technology Management
Competency Level




What’s Next: Career Development for the Mid-Career Professional

As a mid-career professional with ten to 25 years of experience, you may be wondering about your next big step in your career progression. Join this law firm leader panel to explore a variety of career options covering a wide array of career potential, including director, CMO, firm operations and consulting. Learn how the panelists have progressed in their careers and the decisions they have made to lead them to their current roles, and discover what you need to know to set yourself apart from others..

You will learn:

  • Different senior-level career paths and roles
  • Educational options for business and personal growth
  • Questions to answer in determining your next big professional step
  • Ways to distinguish yourself from others for advancement
  • How to use your networks to develop your career


Jenna Schiappacasse.jpgJenna K. Schiappacasse
Director of Client Development
Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, LLP


Adam Severson.jpgAdam Severson
Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer
Baker, Donelson


Marcie Shunk.jpgMarcie Borgal Shunk
President and Founder
The Tilt Institute Inc.



Megan McKeon.jpgMegan M. McKeon
Director of Business Development
Clark Hill PLC


BREAKOUT TWOEssential.gif
5 Essentials for Becoming a High-powered Digital Marketing Organization

Law firms have historically lagged in digital marketing, but many are quickly catching up. Learn the steps world-class companies have taken to become effective digital-led brands — and how those learnings can be applied to B2B professional services firms. Hear practical advice and trends related to digital strategy, content development, distribution, analytics and measurement, and the power
of video. This interactive session will include case studies, actionable takeaways and Q&A.

You will learn:

  • Steps to developing an effective, focused digital content strategy
  • How to build a digital measurement framework and demonstrate ROI
  • Keys to unlocking the power of video — and how to build a video-centric content plan
  • How to ensure you’re reaching the right audience on the right channels at the right time

Andrew Foote.jpgAndrew Foote
Executive Vice President, Managing Director
Edelman Digital


Joseph Hammond.jpgJoseph Hammond
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer


Can We Learn From Uber, Amazon and Others and Use Data to Give People What They Actually Want From a Law Firm Website?

Uber picks you up, wherever we are and takes you home. It’s not magic, it geolocates where you are and knows your home address. Amazon greets you and knows what you might like to buy. Again, it’s not magic, it knows everyone’s order and search history. They know what you want because they know you and that is what they give you.

As it becomes more widely accepted that traditional law firm websites are a reflection of a firm’s structure rather than the reflection of client requirements, can we apply some of the same data based consumer centric principles on law firm websites that we see on consumer websites?

This session will look at some of the ways data is used in the consumer world and how it can be used to create customer centric approaches in professional services.


Stephen-DiGennaro.gifStephen R. DiGennaro
Director of Marketing Technology
Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP


Jason-Kennedy.gifJason Kennedy
Marketing Operations Director
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP


Matt-Parfitt.gifMatt Parfitt
Vuture U.S.

Driving Top Line Growth with a Killer Proposal Strategy

Let’s face the facts, folks. The expectation for law firm business development teams to drive top-line revenue is coming from every part of the organization — from the managing partner, to practice group leaders, to COOs. And, while taking control of revenue generation in the business development (BD) department might seem like a risky proposition, it presents many opportunities for those who can figure out how to navigate it via a killer proposal process and experience management strategies.

You will learn:

  • Research results from 2018-2019 Best Practices in Proposal and Experience Management surveys and trends that will lead any law firm into the future
  • Must-have components of law firm proposals
  • A fail-safe proposal process and timeline, from start to finish, and how marketing and BD teams can use both to drive success
  • Where most business development teams fail and strategies to prevent failure and increase winning

Bob Robertson.jpgBob Robertson
Head of U.S. Marketing and Business Development
Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP


Keith Wewe.jpgKeith N. Wewe
Vice President, Strategy and Solutions
Content Pilot LLC


The Perfect Pitch: Through the Eyes of Clients

Clients view the pitch as an opportunity to predict their likely experience with your firm and are generally underwhelmed by expert-for-hire presentations. They want to leave the pitch with a clear sense of what it feels like to work with your team and an understanding of
how the team frames its contributions in terms of how it helps clients grow, innovate and be more profitable.

Consequently, high-impact pitch is not simply a showcase of technical capabilities or legal results. Rather, the effective pitch provides the information that will help clients more accurately predict the experienced quality and commercial impact of your firm’s service.

In this session, you will examine the anatomy of the perfect pitch and conduct an interactive exercise that allows you to see the pitch through the lens of clients.

You will learn:

  • How to identify the reference points clients use to evaluate your pitch
  • How to anticipate the high-value needs of prospective clients
  • How to address potential client switching costs
  • How to tune into pain points and identify reliable points of differentiation
  • How to effectively communicate commercial or operational impact


Werten Bellamy.jpgWerten F.W. Bellamy Jr.
Stakeholders, Inc.


Social Responsibility and Sustainability Programs — and Why Law Firms Should Care

Are you ready? Clients are coming to expect it of their firms. Why aren’t Diversity & Inclusion and pro bono programs enough? What is driving this increased focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR) by clients? What can firms do with respect to sustainability and the environment? What benchmarks or tools are available to firms interested in building a robust, holistic CSR program? Join this lively, engaging discussion of things to come — and how to use CSR to not only “do the right thing,” but also to differentiate your firm and deepen relationships with your clients.

You will learn:

  • Why CSR and sustainability are growing in importance with clients, and why law firms should care
  • How a robust CSR and sustainability program differentiates your firm and what firms are doing now
  • 10 key elements of a robust program and top 20 things you can do now to get started on sustainability best practices
  • What are the United Nation’s Global Goals and why do clients care? Why you should care and prepare
  • How to choose a “signature” or “transformational” program for your firm and how to enlist clientss


Pamela Cone.jpgPamela Cone
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Amity Advisory


Gayatri Joshi.jpgGayatri Joshi
Executive Director
Law Firm Sustainability Network


Mona Sheth.jpgMona Y. Sheth
Public Policy and Business Development Manager
Nixon Peabody LLP


12:15 – 1:30 p.m.
Networking Lunch

1:30 – 2:30 p.m.
Concurrent Breakout Sessions
bus_law_icon.gif Business Development
bus_law_icon.gifBusiness of Law
bus_law_icon.gif Client Services
bus_law_icon.gifMarketing Management and Leadership
bus_law_icon.gif Technology Management
Competency Level




BREAKOUT ONEEssential.gif
Business Development Insights and Best Practices from the Big 4

Attendees will learn what the top firms in the Big 4 accounting group are doing to drive revenue growth through effective business development (BD) training, coaching and a dedicated team of client-facing business development professionals. Learn what the leading firm, Deloitte, does to train and coach thousands of practicing professionals on a regular basis in BD. Gather insights on how and why the Big 4 sees year-over-year ROI from the investment of time, money and resources allocated to their professionals when it comes to driving in revenue.

You will learn:

  • The evolution of the professional services sales process
  • Effective BD training and coaching programs
  • How and why hiring dedicated client-facing BD professionals can make a difference in revenue growth
  • Obstacles the Big 4 firms still face today with leveraging a client-facing sales team
  • Practical tips that law firms can incorporate into their programs

Tom Lutz.jpgTom Lutz
National Managing Director of Sales
Deloitte Services LP


Doug Ott.jpgDoug Ott
Doug Ott Consulting LLC

How to Secure a Seat and Have Your Voice Heard at the Power Table

A panel of diverse directors, CMOs and CBDMOs from Am Law 100, 200 and beyond will share their best practices for demonstrating value to the firm’s leadership and the internal client. Gain tips and takeaways through real-life examples and success stories. Plus, hear stories about what not to do when you want to be heard. Your input and participation is encouraged and there will be ample time for your questions and comments. You will leave better equipped to forge a plan of action and timeline for becoming a trusted advisor to the firm while seated at the power table.

You will learn:

  • Tips on effective communication with firm management and other leaders
  • How to demonstrate exceptional value by contributing to the firm’s priorities
  • Pitfalls to avoid when establishing credibility and sharing your voice
  • How to identify and contemplate opportunities and threats to the legal market, your firm and your department

Wendy-Bernero.gifWendy Bernero
Head of Client Development for North America
Baker McKenzie


Michael Coston.jpgMichael R. Coston
Chief Executive Officer
Coston Consulting LLC


Michelle Murray.jpgMichelle Murray
Chief Marketing Officer
Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP


Andrew Scott.jpgAndrew Scott
Director of Business and Practice Development
Seward & Kissel LLP



Iris Jones.jpgIris J. Jones
Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer
McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC


Market Positioning: The First Step in Differentiating Your Firm

Interested in differentiating your firm from its competitors? The first step is market positioning. If a law firm is effectively positioned, this can radically reduce the number of viable competitors.

This session is not about logos, taglines, or marketing materials. It is about owning a particular niche as a means of distinguishing yourself in the marketplace. A wellpositioned firm with a clear, concise message is much easier to market and promote than one with a nebulous
message. That’s why it is essential to nail your positioning before beginning any big marketing project, like the development of a new website.

But here’s the catch: positioning is really hard for law firms. So, how can a general-practice firm position itself for success?

You will learn:

  • What “positioning” means and how it differs from branding
  • Why positioning is essential
  • Examples of great positioning from outside and inside the legal industry
  • Overcoming the challenges law firms face when developing a market position
  • Tricks for positioning a “full-service” law firm (that serves lots of services to many industries)
  • The need to substantiate your firm’s positioning


Dion-Algeri.gifDion Algeri
Great Jakes Marketing


Robert-Algeri.gifRobert Algeri
Great Jakes Marketing

1:30 – 3:45 p.m. - Deep Dive
Beyond Branding: Aligning Social Media Strategy With Business Development Goals

Explore how social media has developed far beyond a brand-building tool to a tool for accelerating the relationship-building process, leading to new business and enhanced client relationships. You will learn how to effectively use social media for lead generation and business development through practical, innovative, actionable and budget-friendly strategies and tactics. Then, you will work in groups to create a social media campaign based on your top takeaways from the session, which you can post to social media using the #LMA19 conference hashtag.

You will learn:

  • How to develop content strategies that support your business development plan
  • How to build an editorial calendar to plan future content and maximize content assets
  • How to build a strong LinkedIn profile, evaluate connections and use the platform to generate business and new connections
  • Effective analytics and measurement tools and what to do with them
  • Tips for using analytics and metrics to write content that draws in readers


Jennifer Carr.jpgJennifer Simpson Carr
Knapp Marketing


Stefanie Marrone.jpg Stefanie M. Marrone
Director of Business Development and Marketing
Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP


The Third Rail: Adding a Sales Function to Grow the Top Line

In 2017, K&L Gates expanded its traditional marketing and business development department structure to include a new function focused on developing new client relationships and expanding services to key client accounts. The shift included allocating existing resources and adopting a true startup mentality to build the processes, tools and framework necessary to support the client development function. In just 18 months, the team helped onboard dozens of new clients and hundreds of new matters for existing clients, and achieved other notable successes. This session will provide insight into the structure, processes and tools the team created to help grow the firm’s top line.

You will learn:

  • The process of developing and leading a dedicated client development function
  • Tools to create new opportunities with key clients and prospects
  • How to develop an effective sales pipeline and outcomes/ROI tracking and reporting
  • Obtaining support from firm leadership and individual lawyers


David Bowerman.jpgDavid Bowerman
Director of Client Development
K&L Gates LLP


Ashley Galston.jpgAshley Galston
Director of Client Development
K&L Gates LLP


BREAKOUT SIXEssential.gif
Buyer Behavior by the Numbers: A Cross-Generational Look at Decision Influences and Drivers of Engagement for Legal Buyers

Legal clients and prospects are changing — not what they care about, but what they expect from their experience with your firm. Mapping these changes by generation demonstrates the rising prominence (and influence) of the millennial client, whose preferences and behaviors have an impact on their Gen X and Baby Boomer counterparts upstream. What opportunities do legal marketers and business developers have to engage the modern buyer in new and compelling ways?

Sourcing from ClearlyRated's 2019 Legal Industry Benchmark Study, Kat Kocurek will unveil distinct changes, spotlight trends and debunk common misconceptions about how the modern legal client searches for, vets and makes the decision to hire a lawyer or firm. Beyond best practices for finding growth in today’s flat market, Kat will discuss tactics and recommendations for building a marketing engine that sustains performance as buyer preferences continue to evolve.

You will learn:

  • Key influences that impact the legal buyer decision journey
  • Differences in buyer and client preferences by generation
  • Opportunities to differentiate with the modern buyer
  • Best practices for fueling firm growth in the age of digital disruption


Kat Kocurel.jpgKat Kocurek
Vice President of Marketing


2:30 – 2:45 p.m.
Networking and Refreshment Break

2:45 – 3:45 p.m.
Concurrent Breakout Sessions
bus_law_icon.gif Business Development
bus_law_icon.gifBusiness of Law
bus_law_icon.gif Client Services
bus_law_icon.gifMarketing Management and Leadership
bus_law_icon.gif Technology Management
Competency Level




The Outsourced Resource: How to Identify, Hire and Leverage Consultants With Internal Resources to Achieve Your Strategic Objectives

Law firms are continuing to pursue efficiencies — from technological advancements to outsourcing roles. Allowing certain support staff roles — or specific projects — in both the practice and business of law to be outsourced has been beneficial in enabling law firms to focus on the evolution of legal services. Outsourcing is relevant to marketing leadership, whose teams are often stretched thin and yet face expectations to deliver results, which are higher than ever. This panel dives into how to maximize your use of both external and internal resources to achieve strategic objectives.

You will learn:

  • How to make the case for additional resources
  • What outside resources are being hired for
  • How best to plan and request budget dollars
  • How to leverage budget dollars — partnering with other business service areas of the firm
  • Last-minute hires — navigating the fortunate position of having to use remaining budget dollars
  • Avoiding the “one and done” scenario: keeping the momentum going after the resource is gone

Ralph Allen.jpgRalph Allen
Chief Operating Officer - Chief Financial Officer
Allen Matkins


Jamie Diaferia.jpgJamie Diaferia
Chief Executive Officer
Infinite Global


Alina Gorokhovsky.jpgAlina Gorokhovsky
Chief Marketing Officer
Wiley Rein LLP


Rina Sproat.jpgRina J. Sproat
Chief Operations Officer
Kleinberg, Caplan, Wolfe & Cohen PC



Toni Wells.jpgToni Wells
Bespoke Marketing Partners LLC

Leveraging LinkedIn’s Navigator to Scale Business Development

Busy and overtaxed marketers and business developers need to use all technologies at their disposal to leverage human effort to win business — and encourage and train lawyers to do so independently. With respect to LinkedIn, this means going beyond the basics. This session will provide case studies on how to leverage LinkedIn’s Navigator platform in firms of various sizes and practice areas. Learn how to transform even your most hesitant of lawyers into bona fide business development machines.

You will learn:

  • The impact that leveraging the full power of a firm’s updated and real-time network can have on revenue
  • How three firms have adopted the platform, implemented it globally and achieved lawyer buy-in and usage
  • The ROI for each firm since inception
  • The impact on all firms, from solo marketers supporting a few dozen lawyers to firms with global presence in dozens of offices, as well as niche practices focused on subjects, industries or geographies

Nathan Darling.jpgNathan Darling
Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer
Beveridge & Diamond, PC


Ryan Omge.jpgRyan O. Emge
Senior Manager, Social Media
White & Case LLP


Samantha McKenna.jpgSamantha McKenna
Head of Enterprise Sales, NYC


Ann-Meyer.gif Ann Meyer
Director of Marketing Operations
Littler Mendelson P.C.


Old Wine Isn’t For New Bottles: Break Bad Communication Habits That Are Holding You Back

Effective communication is critical in a leadership role; it separates the poor leader from a brilliant one. Yet, strong communication skills remain one of the toughest to master. Many marketing professionals pride themselves on being strong communicators, but you may have a blind spot that is holding you back. Breaking through the blind spot can launch your professional development and career. Leverage your new insights to collaborate effectively with your internal stakeholders. Plus, hear best practices on how to advocate for MarTech projects.

This session will cover::

  • Identifying your professional blind spot – and how to overcome it
  • Dealing with the “Lawyer Personality" effectively
  • Advocating for your marketing technology project with top 2 best practices


Elena-Cutri.gifElena Cutri
Director of Education Services

1:30 – 3:45 p.m. - Deep Dive
Beyond Branding: Aligning Social Media Strategy With Business Development Goals


BREAKOUT FIVEEssential.gif
CRM Therapy — The (Juris) Doctor Is in: Client CRM Confessions

Research suggests that up to 70 percent of CRM implementations fail to meet expectations. This not only results in a tremendous loss of money, time and resources, but also stress and anxiety for marketing professionals trying to implement the systems.

But CRM systems don’t have to drive you crazy. During this therapy session (aka, presentation), marketing professionals who have implemented a variety of CRM systems will share their biggest headaches and frustrations from a “therapy couch.” And, the CRM “doctor” will offer some of the most successful “treatments/remedies” that include best practices for CRM success.

In this engaging and outside-the-box presentation, you will benefit from a “CRM therapy” session covering a variety of topics.

You will learn:

  • The top reasons why CRM initiatives fail — and how to avoid them
  • Preventing denial by constructing a plan to enhance CRM success
  • Overcoming “delusional expectations” by setting realistic goals and achieving them
  • Dealing with data quality depression
  • Getting ”borderline personalities” to work together as a team


Paul-Bonner.gifPaul Bonner
Director of Marketing
Venable LLP


Chris Fritsch.jpgChristina R. Fritsch
Founder and CRM Success Consultant
CLIENTSFirst Consulting


Jacqueline Madarang.jpgJacqueline Madarang
Senior Marketing Technology Manager
Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP


Serena-LeGrow.jpgSerena N. LeGrow
Director of Business Intelligence and International Development
Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP

Million Dollar Boot Camp

Join us for a case study on how to develop a successful, revenue-generating business development (BD) program for your lawyers. Discover the secrets this firm used to generate over a million dollars of business for a select group of lawyers in less than a year.

You will learn:

  • Best practices for developing your own BD program
  • How to keep your lawyers accountable
  • The impact of one-on-one coaching
  • How to demonstrate ROI to your firm’s decision-makers
  • The power of marketing in teams and sharing successes


Beth Healy.jpgBeth Healy
Beth Healy Consulting


Elizabeth Lockett.jpgElizabeth Lockett
Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer
Miles & Stockbridge PC


4:00 – 4:30 p.m.
Conference Wrap-Up

Concluding the 2019 LMA Annual Conference will be an interactive program that reviews the key themes and takeaways identified during this year’s educational sessions. Hosted by LMA’s 2019 president and conference co-chairs, this is an opportunity to gain insight into the breakout sessions you didn’t attend and identify strategic and tactical next steps to implement some of the ideas you’ve heard when you return to the office.

PLUS — Attend for a chance to win a complimentary registration to the 2020 LMA Annual Conference. Participants of this session will be entered into a raffle for a complimentary registration to the 2020 LMA Annual Conference. The drawing will take place at the end of the session. You must be present to win.


4:30 p.m.
Conference Concludes