Deliberate Diversity: Intentional Inclusion - A Marketer’s Internal Role in Diversity & Inclusion

Sponsored by: Diversity & Inclusion SIG

Domain: Marketing Management and Leadership
Competency: Firm Organizational Structure and Dynamics

Law is one of the most relational and least diverse professions in the country. Legal marketers are in a strategic position to impact their firm’s diverse culture and the success of diverse attorneys in a meaningful way. This isn’t your law firm’s diversity training – which all too often leaves the diverse frustrated with the lack of progress and the OWL’s(tm) (Old White Leaders) feeling blamed. Co-facilitated by BridgeField Group’s Gen X African-American Female, Chief Executive Officer and their Baby Boomer Anglo Male Founder, this practical program will challenge you to become a part of the solution. Participants will discuss how marketers can help firms address and overcome the challenges of attracting, championing, and retaining diverse talent.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how marketers are key to driving the business case for diversity – why it’s important and how it impacts the firm’s current and future KPIs and strategic positioning
  • Discuss how a marketer’s role can be used to overcome some of the impediments to achieving meaningful diversity and inclusion in the legal profession
  • Explore how marketing can be used to help firms attract and retain diverse talent
  • Learn how to facilitate the process of intentionally breaking down barriers, building trust, and creating a safe place for real diverse relationships to grow

Chris W. Kirby, JD, Founder - Business and Professional Development Coach, Bridgefield Group
C. Dominica McGinnis, CEO - Business and Professional Development Coach, Bridgefield Group

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