2020 LMA Philadelphia Local Steering Committee
Position Descriptions

The Local Steering Committee (LSC) Chair-Elect will collaborate with the LSC Chair to learn the position, become familiar with the programs of LMANE and its governance, and to develop and facilitate officer transitions. The Chair-Elect will preside at all LSC meetings in the absence of the Chair and will automatically succeed to the office of Chair at the end of the presiding Chair’s term. This is a two-year appointment to serve as Chair-Elect in 2020 and Chair in 2021.

The Secretary is responsible for ensuring that accurate and sufficient documentation exists to meet LMArequirements and to enable authorized persons to determine when, how, and by whom LSC business is conducted. The Secretary records accurate minutes of meetings and submits reports to the LMANE Regional Board. The Secretary is also responsible for recording and preserving LSC processes and protocols. This is a one-year term.

Member, Programming Chair
The Programming Chair is responsible for organizing educational and networking events, including selection of meeting location, topics, speakers, logistics, program descriptions, program evaluations, and speaker travel and accommodation coordination. The Programming Chair will form a local committee to assist in execution. This is a two-year term.

Member, Membership Chair
The Membership Chair is responsible for delivering a superior membership experience to all Philadelphia members. The Chair will develop a plan to retain existing members and encourage new ones. The Chair will form a local committee to assist in execution. This is a two-year term.

Member, Video Chair
The Video Chair coordinates and facilitates the Philadelphia Local Group’s various video initiatives specifically livestreaming/filming of programing and video content for our social media channels. The Chair will work with local and regional communications and programing committees to manage these efforts. This is a two-year term.

Member-at-Large, Communications/Website Liaison
The Communications/Website Liaison works with the LMANE liaisons throughout the region regarding all communications related to programming, announcements, and annual ballots. The Communications/Website Liaison will be responsible for ensuring that Philadelphia information is posted to the website and shared via email. The Communications/Website Liaison will also manage Philadelphia’s social media posts and contribute to other LMANE communication efforts. This is a two-year term.

Member, CMO SIG Chair
Through networking, social events, guided discussions and reports from the members, the CMO SIG is a forum for those in a first chair role at a law firm to share ideas and discuss relevant topics. The group’s meetings provide an informal, intimate setting for sharing and learning. The CMO SIG Chair will organize quarterly events in Philadelphia devoted to a best practice, new initiative or strategy. The CMO SIG Chair must be an LMA member serving in a first chair role at a law firm.  This is a two-year term.