Meet the Speakers


Jeanne Schwass 

Principal, Next Level Consulting Group

Jeanne’s passion for people and commitment to excellence in every area is what drives her. She will utilize her 25+ years of experience in sales, management, and business ownership, combined with the proven systems of leadership expert, John C. Maxwell and the Model of Human Behavior, developed by Dr. Robert Rohm, to bring results. Set up a listening session with Jeanne and let her show you how in working together we can move you and your team to the next level in many areas.


Bill Schwass 

Principal, Next Level Consulting Group

Bill believes that perfection is impossible, but excellence is within reach with some effort. “Good enough” usually isn’t. For over 25 years training, coaching and mentoring has been a part of Bill’s life. When you don’t understand someone, chances are high you may misunderstand them. Understanding how people think and what makes them ‘tick’ makes life better and easier! Personal or Corporate growth comes only by chance or understanding… don’t leave it up to chance! Call and see if Bill can accelerate your or your team’s move to the Next Level!