Merry Neitlich
Managing Partner
EM Consulting

Merry Neitlich is the managing partner of EM Consulting, a leader in law firm marketing and business development solutions. She is a member of the LMA Hall of Fame and was inducted into the College of Law Practice Management.

With over 25 years of experience, Merry provides attorneys with tools to grow client relationships and to successfully identify, court and convert targets into clients. She works with law firms and corporate legal departments to create strong legal operations programs. Merry offers legal operations presentations for law firm retreats and partner meetings and consults with firms that wish to expand legal operations programs for their clients and targeted perspective clients.

Merry develops and implements marketing strategy, distinctive firm brands, social media programs, assists with website development, and delivers client satisfaction programs that inevitably lead to new business. She has interviewed hundreds of clients for professional services firms across the country. 

For attorneys who are ready to take their business development success to the next level, Merry coaches partners who wish to enhance client relationships and grow their business with targeted industries and identified potential clients.

Merry offers a variety of training programs in business development, client retention and satisfaction programs, and teaches advanced presentation skills including TED Talks.

Merry has served the LMA as a member of the international board, co-chaired the annual conference and served many years on the LMA West’s boards.


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