Todd J. Tukey
Managing Director
Bass, Berry & Sims PLC

After a dozen years of creating, articulating and delivering business strategies for two of the world’s largest global firms, Todd cut ties with “Biglaw” last year. His move to Bass, Berry & Sims was motivated by a desire to take bigger risks, introduce bolder concepts, engage more closely with clients and speed up the pace of change.

In his role, Todd leads practice management and business development for the firm’s litigation practice. He establishes goals, sets hourly rates, monitors utilization, implements productivity measures and manages overall profitability. On the client-facing front, he strengthens relationships by creating value-added services, presenting referral opportunities and introducing less conventional ways of partnering.

Todd collaborates closely with the firm’s Managing Director of Strategic Pricing and Client Value on the Bass, Berry & Sims Client Experience Initiative, which maximizes value through client feedback, relationship development, practice management and pricing strategy. At a time when client loyalty is no longer a given, this cutting-edge program has helped the firm achieve an 86% advocacy rating from clients compared to the industry average of 54%.

Upon joining Bass, Berry & Sims, Todd collaborated with the CEOs of Deloitte Consulting and Virgin, along with other clients and leaders, on a digital book to empower youth around the globe.

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