Why Brand Still Matters in the Age of Automation

Domain:  Communications

Take a close look at how a brand predisposes buyers both before purchasing and after they’ve engaged a firm. You’ll explore results from a survey of legal buyers on how the brand impacts their view of a firm and why brand awareness AND brand favorability must both be measured and used to drive marketing strategy. Plus, you’ll gain an overview of the buying process and which touch points brand programs still generally fail to address.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use your CRM to inform your firm’s thought leadership strategy
  • Measure brand performance using key performance indicators
  • Benefit from buyer insight into how brand matters
  • Evaluate whether your brand is consistent across touch points using a self-assessment tool
  • Using brand engagement data to drive marketing and business development strategy

lonide Seemes, President, Right Hat

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Video-Recorded Session This session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience.