How to Craft a Campaign-Driven Marketing Strategy for Your Firm

Domain: Communications

A marketing campaign is a collection of activities (email, social media, events, videos) aimed at a specific audience and centered around a specific message.

Without direction, a marketing activity’s message becomes less focused and effective. A campaign approach lets the firm focus their attention more narrowly and track their results more precisely.

This session will show how to build a successful campaign-driven marketing strategy and generate better ROI from your marketing efforts.

Topics include:

  • What campaign driven marketing is
  • How to craft a single campaign using targeted content
  • What channels you should consider to reach your target audience
  • How to measure the engagement and success of your marketing campaign
  • How marketing campaigns can help you generate meaningful business results

Guy Alvarez, Chief Executive Officer, Good2bSocial
Jay Plum, Director of Communications, Bracewell LLP


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Video-Recorded Session

This session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience.