Content Development – The Path to Showcase Legal Expertise

Date: August 30, 2018
12:00 p.m. CT

In collaboration with: ABABLS-BLT.png

Domains: Technology Management and Communications 
BoK Competencies: Website Management and Written and Oral Communications 

In 2015, the American Bar Association's Business Law Section began the process to develop a content website, www.businesslawtoday.org, that would provide relevant, valuable, and accessible content in a consistent rhythm to not only members but also business professionals around the globe. This webinar will focus on the creation, benefits and overall strategy of the website; the way content is developed and acquired; and how analytics are used to measure content.

The webinar will also address how authors/law firms can increase their expertise footprint by providing content and the elements that make content (and the author) stand out in a marketplace saturated with content.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Explaining the importance of content in the legal arena
  • Developing content that will enhance authoer expertise and credibility
  • Marketing content and measuring content success

Rick G. Paszkiet, “Content Guy,” Content Development Manager, Business Law Section, American Bar Association
Jason Jones, Product Marketing Association, Business Law Section, American Bar Association
Sarah Claypoole, Editor, Business Law Section, American Bar Association                      


Price: Complimentary for Members and non-members



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