Mining for Relationship Value Capital – Equipping Your Lawyers to Know Who, Where and How

The following content is presented by the LMA Midwest Region.

Domain:  Business Development, Technology Management

We commonly hear and agree that when it comes to generating business, “it’s all about building authentic relationships.”  Yet, that wise counsel can be difficult for marketers to execute on and can often put undue burden on lawyers resulting in little to no action.  So – how do we find the right middle ground to assist, coach and advise our professionals into building the right relationships with the right people in the right way?  This session will help you consider WHO to prioritize relationship investments with for the greatest potential and HOW to focus the right relationship building activity to generate true relationship capital. 

Participants will:

  • Gain a framework, tools and tactics to move the concept of relationship building into a strategic process that can be taught, coached and measured
  • Learn how to leverage technology to accelerate and support strategic relationship building and lead generation
  • Discuss and learn from peers to get new ideas on what’s working and how to accelerate results to support business development objectives
  • Please note - this session will be co-presented by Alycia Sutor of GrowthPlay and Adam Stewart of Introhive

Alycia Sutor, GrowthPlay
Adam Stewart, Introhive

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Video-Recorded Session

This session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience.