Anti-spam Privacy Legislation - What U.S. Firms Need to Know About Anti-spam Legislation Around the World

Domain: Business of Law

In the past few years over 14,000 ADA/Accessibility lawsuits were filed in California (Adaabuse.com). Whether or not the filings were warranted they have caused massive legal headaches. July 1st, 2017 is the three year anniversary of the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation. This milestone moment demands attention because the ‘right to private action’ comes into force. Will this be a watershed that finally pushes opted-in marketing to the forefront? Will we slide into an ADA type maelstrom?

Join us to hear more about CASL’s potential impacts and what the general state of associated legislation is in North American and the world.

Topics include:

  • What the ‘right to private’ action means in CASL
  • How you should be preparing
  • What are your risks
  • What other legislation should you be aware of
  • What does Compliance look like

Jeff Hemming, eMarketing Product Manager, Tikit

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