Artificial Intelligence: Harnessing The Power of AI and Selling The Concept Internally

Domain: Business of Law

Artificial Intelligence (AI)is helping law firms both grow revenue and operate leanly. Join this panel presentation to focus on how some firms are leveraging AI platforms to generate new revenue streams and increase internally efficiencies to improve profitability. You’ll hear how three very different firms all sold the concept of utilizing AI internally — from the IT, marketing and consulting perspectives — and how each overcame internal obstacles.

Topics include:

  • How AI is not replacing attorneys, but rather scaling their expertise and judgment
  • What buyers of legal services want to know
  • How repeatable knowledge tasks are being automated
  • How AI can greatly enhance internal initiatives, such as cross-selling and pricing
  • How integrating many different products can create powerful platforms that solve complex problems in unique ways

Steve Fletcher, Chief Information Officer, Best Best & Krieger LLP
Rob Saccone, Partner, Nexlaw Partners
Patrick Fuller, Vice President, Neota Logic, Inc.
Katherine Hollar Barnard, Chief Marketing Officer, Firesign (moderator)

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Video-Recorded Session

This session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience.