Best Practices in Client Feedback

Sponsored by the CMO SIG

Domain: Client Services

Today clients demand that their professional service providers not only provide excellent legal work but also add value through superior client service. Client Feedback is an essential to understand individual client needs and deliver value beyond great legal work. This program will outline how to start, the methodologies for client feedback best practices, concepts and tips and tactics including selecting clients to interview, getting buy in, the role of leadership, resources need and follow up on feedback

Learning Objectives: 

  • Managing client expectations and delivering differentiated client service;
  • Creating a feedback loop to demonstrate an understanding of individual client’s needs and adopting a culture of client service;
  • Conducting successful client feedback interviews
  • Coaching strategies and tactics to consistently act on feedback; and
  • Recovering negative feedback and building on positive feedback.

Rob Kahn, Chief Marketing Officer, Fenwick & West
Laura Meherg, Founder & Partner, Wicker Park Group
Nathaniel Slavin, Founder & Partner, Wicker Park Group
Catherine Zinn, Chief Client Officer, Orrick

Price: Complimentary for Members

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