Law Firm 101: Understanding How Law Firms Make Money, Pay Attorneys, and Set Budgets and Why the Role of Legal Marketers Is Highly Valued

Professional Development Series

Domain: Business of Law, Marketing Management and Leadership

Ever wonder how partners comp gets set? How the firm’s annual budget is built? In this webinar, we throw away the economics glossary to explain in simple terms the business of law. This is a must attend webinar for anyone new to legal marketing, or for those simply looking to gain a greater understanding of the business of law.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Summarize basic law firm economics
  • Illustrate how partner compensation  is structured, including the difference between equity and non-equity
  • Discuss how budgets are built and what affects budgets
  • Conclude why partners care about marketing

Ezra Crawford, Senior Consultant at Knapp Marketing

Price: Complimentary for Members