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2015 Legal Marketing Technology Conference/West Recordings

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Domain: Business Development

A marketing department deals with thousands of prospects, hundreds of clients and dozens of lawyers. For a marketing department, the law is a volume business. However, when it comes down to each individual lawyer, the world is very, very small. Sometimes the disconnect between professional marketers and lawyers makes it hard to get things done. To make things worse, marketing departments buy and use platforms such as competitive intelligence, social media and CRM that actually make the problem WORSE.

For a lawyer, there are only 15 people that will make, or break, their year:

  • 5 existing clients
  • 5 prospects (that look strikingly similar to their existing clients)
  • 2 business referral sources
  • 1 alumni of the firm
  • 1 lawyer referral source
  • 1 law school buddy

That's it. This list is not static. This year's list of top clients may change next year. Lists of prospects may switch every few weeks depending on how they are progressing (or not). Referral sources can change based on external factors that a lawyer cannot control. However, for the purposes of planning business development activities for today, the list is small and finite. The collection of all of these lists of 15 represent the marketing and business development targets of the firm. But, as long as it is still executed by individual lawyers, marketers must still plan with these small circles of influence in mind.

In this session we will discuss the technology and competitive intelligence sources and procedures necessary to identify each type of contact, manage marketing and BD activities for each type and how to constantly refresh the list.

To think small, even at the nano level, you must use technology and intelligence in a way that makes the world very small, not very big.

Darryl Cross, Vice President, Performance Development and Coaching, LexisNexis

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