The Legal Marketing Profession: Trends and Opportunities

Domain: Business of Law

The sophistication of legal marketing continues and it is a great industry to be a part of as it grows and matures. Geared with a focus towards senior-level members, our speaker and colleague, Jennifer Scalzi, joins us to lend her perspective on the marketplace over the last decade, highlight the latest trends and share her thoughts on what we should anticipate in the future. Topics will include:
-At the top: What’s happening at the ‘C’ and Director levels? What is top of mind for firms as they’re hiring new talent? What new talent is emerging? Where do the “strategy” roles fit into Marketing?
-People management: What are firms doing to address the people management gap on their teams?
-Cities/regions: There is a true war for talent in certain markets; what do you need to know so that you can you win?
-Supply and demand: What happens when there aren’t enough people to go around?
-Showing your success: What the “best” marketing pros are doing to show impact on the bottom line (which usually results in higher compensation for the team). 

Jennifer Johnson Scalzi, Founder of J. Johnson Executive Search, Inc.

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