Client Services Curriculum: Collecting and Leveraging Meaningful Client Feedback

Domain: Business Development

LMA is pleased to present a three-part webinar series and relevant Strategies articles on successful client feedback programs. The series will provide a step by step guide for getting a client feedback program started in your law firm, mastering the interview process and most importantly using client feedback to develop meaningful follow-up activity to improve and enhance your firm’s client relationships. Whether you are just getting started plan to participate in client feedback initiatives or want to accelerate your firm’s current client feedback efforts, there is a session(s) that will fit your needs.

Recordings include:
Client Feedback 1: The Essential First Step
Client Feedback II: Interview Best Practices
Client Feedback III: Turning Information into Action

Strategies articles include:
Asking Clients How We’re Doing – and Actually Listening to What They Say
Using Relationship Intelligence for Strategic Development
Owning the Interview Process: Ensure You “Fit” Into a Prospective Work Environment

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