Expanding your Strategic Driver Practices: How Two Firms Nailed Strategy, Differentiation...

Domain: Marketing Management and Leadership, Business of Law

Every firm has a couple of practices that offer real opportunity for leadership.
They’re dynamic and well led, or in a growing market segment. Too often, the firm’s structure or internal competition inhibits the opportunity. In larger firms, an industry group or specialty area can be spread across a range of offices and practice, impeding cross-selling.
Two leading firms figured out a solution.
This presentation showcases the effective efforts of a large and small firm in targeting a practice and industry group for market dominance. Drinker Biddle sought growth in Health Care, although their lawyers were spread across 14 practices and 11 offices.
This initiative helped them work together and cross-sell, founded upon powerful stories, a microsite, and team retreat.
Employment boutique Laner Muchin sought to enhance their position in the restaurant industry and public sector. The initiative supported their in-person activities, and built a brand that showcased their work, leading to more client opportunities.
This program is effective for marketers at all levels, and firms of all sizes.

Ross Fishman, CEO, Fishman Marketing, Inc.

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