Law Firm Competitive Intelligence: A Roadmap for Success

Domain: Technology Management

What if you could alert your firm’s Managing Partner of your competitor’s new practice groups and lateral hires well in advance of a public notice and potentially prevent the loss of clients? What if you could inform your IT committee of key details to a proprietary technology that allows your firm to do the same automated tasks faster and more efficient than your competitor firms? What if you could anticipate an important strategy shift in the industry, allowing your firm to execute a planned strategy as a first mover, therefore capturing market share first? What if you could do all this while your lawyers continued to practice law?
Well, you can. For several years now, there has been talk in the legal marketing industry about competitive intelligence (CI), what it is, how it works and why firms need it. There are annual conferences devoted to the topic, sessions at various non CI conferences geared to the CI professional in law firms and blogs that talk about the challenges of CI in law firms. In recent years, we have seen firms set up competitive intelligence units and a growing number of job postings for CI analysts and specialists posted through LMA and other job boards. To date, there has yet to be a roadmap for success developed that is specifically tailored to the legal market, where professional services CI functions face unique roadblocks and challenges from those faced by their counterparts in other consumer, manufacturing or service industries.
This session will present the proven concept of an intelligence roadmap that enables firms to grow a CI function into a world-class operation that consistently delivers value. The presenters will translate this roadmap into a directly applicable roadmap for law firms by pointing out some of the nuances in the legal profession that create challenges for law firm CI professionals. Attendees will take away practical solutions and proven approaches to dealing with the challenges of starting, operating and leading an intelligence function in the law firm environment. Case studies from Bennett Jones LLP and Dunkin’ Brands will highlight and illustrate lessons learned from the experience of building intelligence functions in multiple industries.
Topics covered include intelligence production and design, communications, marketing, training and development, measurement and more.
Takeaways will include:
• An understanding of an intelligence roadmap; critical success factors to building an effective CI function;
• Lessons learned from an experienced practitioner from within a law firm;
• Ideas to build a leading-edge intelligence function.

Kevin Iredell
Michel Beraiche
Zena Applebaum
Matthew Olsen
Tea Hoffman

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