Focus Pocus: 24 Tricks for Regaining Command of Your Day

Domain: Business Development

In this age of hyper-connectedness, the world seems to spin faster and faster. No matter how fast and hard we work, we often finish each day right where we started. We feel like we’re treading water. How are we going to regain control of this situation? That’s the question this seminar answers. This session will deliver the tools you need to regain control of your busy day. There’s nothing magical about it – just straightforward, proven techniques you can use to get back in charge of your work and your success.
This presentation will equip you to:
• Make a direct connection between time management and success;
• Walk away with an arsenal of two dozen tips and techniques for increasing productivity and command over work and life;
• And become more motivated to achieve greater career and personal success.

Paul H. Burton, Principal, QuietSpacing, LLC

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