Writing Tips for the Legal Marketing Professional

Domain: Communications, Business Development

As marketing professionals in the legal industry, long complicated sentences won’t work; we need to be concise and to the point. This session will outline some valuable tips for becoming a more effective and persuasive writer, which includes being clear and able to convince the reader to take action. Your writing is a reflection of your ability to communicate clearly. Lawyers will appreciate your RFPs, proposals and reports all the more if you display superior writing skill and are able to execute complex writing tasks quickly, intelligently and effectively.
This session will look at the three “C’s” of writing, being clear, concise and crisp. It will address clear thinking based on a progression of logical statements, using the simplest possible language and selecting words carefully to find the one word that helps make your point.

Elizabeth Lampert, President, Elizabeth Lampert PR
John di Bene, General Attorney, AT&T

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