Effective Communications: Speaking to the "Dog" Brain in Each of Us

Domain: Communications

A new body of science is emerging that seeks to tie recent breakthroughs in brain research to the way people operate in business environments. The basic thrust of the research is that the emotional parts of the brain [the ‘dog’ brain] are essential participants in cortex-focused rational decisions.
The presentation will focus on why and how emotions, memory, attention, problem-solving and multitasking actually work when people process the world around them and make supposedly rational decisions.
Then the discussion shifts to how to incorporate this knowledge into how we, as marketers communicate with both attorneys and other administrative people in our firms, and how we teach attorneys to communicate with their clients.
Learning Objectives:
• Understand how the brain processes information and makes decisions;
• Understand how to structure conversations and presentations take into account  how individuals process information;
• Learn to create communications that appeal to both the rational and emotional parts of the brain.

Carol Schiro Greenwald, Ph.D.

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