Driving Value through AFA’s: The Elusive Search for Common Ground between Clients and Law Firms

Domain: Business of Law

Clients and law firms continue to look to alternative fee arrangements as a way to provided increased value in the delivery of legal services. However, defining value and aligning fee arrangements to effectively meet client value expectations can be a tricky task, and there is a perception that clients and firms are not always on the same page when it comes to defining and measuring value. Are clients and firms simply at odds on this topic, or is there common ground on how fee arrangements can promote efficiency, value and still allow firms to meet business objectives?

In this session, we will put law department professionals and law firm pricing directors in the same room for an open and frank discussion on defining and measuring value, and the effective use of alternative fee arrangements. Arrive early for a ringside seat.

Chris Ende, Goodwin Proctor
Audrey Rubin, Aon
David Cambria, Archer Daniels Midland
Purvi Sanghvi, Paul Hastings 

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Video-Recorded Session

This session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience.