Process Mapping Workshop: A Key PI/LPM Tool

Domain: Business of Law

When we work on improving, processing and managing projects, process maps help us to clarify problems and identify issues and opportunities, as well as literally get people from different perspectives on the same page. Because many people have a visual learning style, maps facilitate understanding by showing - not telling - how we do and deliver a particular kind of work as well as where we can anticipate variation. Process maps also help:

  • Facilitate greater participation from different stakeholders
  • Support increased and better communication either within a firm or with current and prospective clients
  • Convey a depth of knowledge in relevant service areas
  • Demonstrate a commitment to efficiency
  • Highlight a firm’s best practices

By using legal examples and case studies, this workshop introduces participants two different types of process maps and explains how and where they fit into the framework of Lean Six Sigma. Each team will have an opportunity to develop a top-down process map with facilitation and support from two experienced Legal Lean Sigma® practitioners who teach process improvement and project management certification courses. Be prepared to learn, and then roll up your sleeves and try mapping a process that is of interest to you.

Catherine Alman MacDonagh, Legal Lean Sigma Institute LLC
Tim B. Corcoran, Corcoran Consulting Group

Member Price: $39
Prospective Member Price: $59

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