Creating Natively Digital Brand Experiences

Domain: Technology Management

The rising dominance of digital marketing - whether via web, email, social or mobile - makes it more important than ever that your firm's brand expression receive continual care and extension. And yet, most legal marketers inherit the brand that they champion from a pre-digital era. Even the clearest guidelines for elements like logo treatment and Pantone palette don't account for new digital contexts where brand communication is inherently more vibrant and dynamic. A compelling brand in the digital era must break out of a static, ad-driven definition to drive everything from social thumbnails and mobile typography to overall content strategy.


In this session, we'll start with the basics: What key components make up a digital brand? How can firms ensure their digital brand is communicated effectively? We’ll provide both in and out of industry examples of how businesses are maintaining brand consistency in content, typography, imagery and more. With key examples and some handy tricks and tools along the way, you’ll come away with a thorough understanding of how you can extend your brand into the interactive world.

Kalev Peekna, Managing Director, Strategy, One North Interactive

Nate Denton, Managing Director, Creative Strategy, One North Interactive

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