How technology is empowering legal marketers

It may be a challenging time for the legal sector, but for those with the right attitude, it’s a great time to be a marketer in it.

Marketing is no longer something that only large firms see the value of. Smaller firms are also finding it difficult to attract new clients and maintain profit margins. And when the competition heats up, businesses need to differentiate. But marketing is a non-chargeable function – it’s seen as a “luxury”. Which means that legal marketers must prove that their activities produce measurable results, while increasing productivity in as many areas as possible.

Industry-specific technology offers a way for marketers to do both: create more effective (and accurate) collateral, more efficiently. The pitch and RFP response process is a great example of how technology is doing this.

Most of the content in RFP responses and pitches is standard re-usable stuff, but the bit that isn’t – usually around 25% of the document – is what sets your firm apart. This 25% must be tailored to each client. It’s all about creating the right balance, increasing sales and winning new business by optimising the pitch process, while increasing profit margins by reducing the time spent on these non-billable, but essential, tasks.

Software solutions like Qorus Breeze Proposals are designed to speed up the creation (and improve the quality) of standard re-usable content, so that the bid team can focus on the aspects of the pitch or RFP that really matter - eliminating the need to spend days creating vanilla, error-strewn RFP responses and proposals.

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Qorus Software is a global provider of proposal management and document automation solutions for Microsoft Office and SharePoint. We help organizations to significantly reduce costs, as well as the time and effort required to generate customized documents while improving the quality and accuracy of content. Our software also greatly reduces the potential for human error and formatting issues, improves the adherence to corporate guidelines, and provides consistency in branding and style, helping you to create great looking documents in a fraction of the time. Qorus Software is a Microsoft Gold Partner (Application Development) whose clients span industries such as financial services, legal and professional services, telecommunications and technology companies, and has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and South Africa.

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