2015 Winners: Social/Interactive Media


First Place

Bracewell & Giuliani LLP

PRG Post-Election Campaign



What began as a mere post-election email effort in 2010 has blossomed into a full marketing campaign undertaken by the Policy Resolution Group at Bracewell & Giuliani LLP.

PRG’s cutting-edge counsel uses industry-leading technology to help clients and contacts better understand what the 2014 election’s probable impact would be on the markets and industries served by Bracewell. The goal of this project was to build on PRG’s 2012 post-election “super” e-newsletter with expanded use of technologies (e.g., webinar, broadcast email, video, social media, blog) to more thoroughly convey the firm’s knowledge and experience to its target markets.

As the polls closed and the concession speeches echoed across the airwaves, PRG was already breaking down the results with nine specific market segmented articles and preparing a 17-page, post-election webinar presentation.

On Nov. 5, 2014, Bracewell had nearly 200 people tune into PRG’s webinar to hear in-depth analysis on 2014 election results and implications. Members of the marketing team traveled across the country while PRG members worked around the clock to produce the final pieces to the postelection e-newsletter.

The Bracewell marketing team feverishly shot eight videos featuring six attorneys, including analysis from former U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and former Congresswoman Anne Northup. The approximately 30 minutes of shoot time per interview was edited down into 5-10 minute videos and distinctive URL suffixes were linked to articles to enable readers to easily select from the e-newsletter those pieces that were relevant to their needs.

On Friday, Nov. 7 — just 48 hours after the election results were tabulated — the firm sent e-newsletter broadcast emails containing in-depth analysis and videos to nearly 10,000 recipients.

Design and planning for the campaign began months before the election, resulting in content displayed on two websites, posted to several existing blogs and shared on social media. Individual attorneys also repurposed content days after the e-newsletter was sent through their own social media. Bracewell also had 337 views on YouTube videos.

The e-newsletter was successfully delivered to 91% of the firm’s targets. Tracking showed 19.3% of recipients opened the email — about 2% more than the firm’s average email alerts and higher than the 2012 open rate of 17.5%. Previous calculations showed that “openers” and “clickers” from firm clients represent more than $63 million in client revenue.

The post-election analysis served to highlight the PRG brand and its unique government relations and strategic communications experience. The aim was to use technology tools to differentiate Bracewell and to reach a broader audience of firm contacts at a time when PRG’s knowledge is highly valued.

With tailor-made reports for various markets, Bracewell made it easy for end-users to select articles that were relevant to their needs. These continued efforts are making Bracewell the go-to firm on election results and implications.

Online Resource:

Post-election landing page



Second Place

Kean Miller LLP

People First 2.0 - Kean Mliler Community Connect App



Kean Miller LLP is a Louisiana-based firm with more than 150 attorneys across the state. In the spring of 2012, the firm launched its “People First” brand, highlighting the firm’s attorneys and their civic, charitable and community efforts in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Shreveport and Lake Charles.

The firm’s attorneys have a long history of meaningful engagement and notable contributions to the communities where they live and work. In fact, community service is a partnership track associate requirement to be considered for partnership. The original “People First” brand was based on internal research conducted with the partners in the fall of 2011 to determine the firm’s greatest strength, which was defined as its culture, and what the partners liked most about their firm, which was defined as the people. The advertising campaign, which was recognized with a Your Honor Awards honorable mention in 2012, was reimagined and refreshed in 2014 as “People First 2.0.”

After two years of internal and external success with the “People First” campaign, the firm’s four-person client services staff determined that there was no online community-wide calendar or electronic resource that helped promote or provide a calendar of community events in Louisiana. In the fall of 2014, the firm launched its “Community Connect” app to fill this void, and further position the firm and its attorneys as community and civic leaders, and the app as an example of excellent corporate citizenship.

The Community Connect mobile app is paired with a niche website, www.keanmillerpeoplefirst.com, which contains profiles of the firm’s attorneys, their contributions to their community or their outside interests, and how they use those interests to benefit their clients. Importantly, the app and the website contain a Community Connect calendar which details all of the civic, charitable and community events in cities where the firm has offices, and details the important connections between a firm attorney and their support of a particular community organization or fundraiser. Each event profile contains a description of the community event, the event or organization logo and a registration link. Community organizations may submit events to the website and app via an online “submissions” interface that the firm’s marketing department monitors and also updates with events supported by the firm and its attorneys. The app also contains a directory of the firm’s attorneys, recent articles and news, and contact information. Finally, the mobile app and website were optimized such that sharing events on various social media was seamless.

The People First 2.0 campaign was launched on Labor Day 2014 with a series of teaser ads, followed by promotional ads, an email campaigns, direct mail campaigns, and intensive media relations efforts. There have been more than 500 downloads of the Community Connect app. The app and the firm’s effort have been covered by various television, broadcast and print media. Importantly, Kean Miller attorneys have taken the app on the road and presented its features and benefits to the various charitable boards and organizations to which they belong.



Third Place

Perkins Coie LLP

Coin of the Virtual Realm



Perkins Coie’s CoinLaw app is a textbook example of effective collaboration between the information technology department, the marketing department and attorneys.

The defining values of Perkins Coie include excellence in client service and innovation, which reflect its prominent representation of emerging and technology companies. As Bitcoin and other virtual currency markets developed and legal issues arose in 2013, Perkins Coie became one of the few law firms with a dedicated industry practice in the area. Perkins Coie represents more than 100 cryptocurrency clients, including virtual currency exchanges, vaults, payment processors, investors and industry associations. Hailed for its leadership in the cryptocurrency industry by Coindesk, in large part for the constant flow of information Perkins Coie attorneys offer, the firm realized that a mobile app was the next step in meeting the demand of clients seeking the latest legal developments in virtual currencies.

The IT team was motivated to launch the firm’s first mobile app and wanted to create more than a mobile website. The marketing team sought to take advantage of the group’s frontrunner status in the Bitcoin legal realm and noticed that the group’s regularly updated chart of “Virtual Currencies: International Actions and Regulations” on the firm’s website was receiving sizeable website visits. Attorneys in the group mentioned that clients were frequently asking for that information.

After interviewing outside app developers, the firm’s in-house team determined that Perkins Coie could create a better and cheaper app themselves and committed itself to gaining the skills necessary to develop the app. The marketing team shepherded the project along, from initial idea in April to launch in October 2014. Along the way, attorneys enthusiastically supported the project and made decisions on functionality quickly. IT understood that the more simple and niche focused the app, the better it performs; the team continually streamlined the content for a niche audience.

Perkins Coie unveiled the CoinLaw app in October during Money20/20, a four-day global event for innovations in money in Las Vegas. Clients and the Bitcoin community have expressed their enthusiasm for the firm’s CoinLaw app. They were fascinated to learn that the firm did it all in-house, which solidified the firm’s reputation as a leading law firm in technology.

During the app’s launch in October, website visits to the international tracker spiked more than threefold, expanding the perception of Perkins Coie attorneys as the providers of critical knowledge. The CoinLaw app keeps users current with international regulatory virtual currency laws and highlights the firm’s commitment to technology and this evolving area of law. It also serves as a direct link to the attorneys in the Decentralized Virtual Currencies industry group.

Online Resource:

Virtual Currency Report microsite