2015 Winners: Identity — Project Totaling More Than $20,000


First Place

Bracewell & Giuliani LLP

Bracewell & Giuliani Brand Refresh



A firm’s most important asset is its brand, and Bracewell & Giuliani LLP decided there was no better way to advance the firm’s larger goals than to have a look that mirrors its progressive approach.

Bracewell’s Managing Partner, Mark C. Evans, believed that Bracewell’s core branding strategy was still in line with the firm but wanted the marketing team to drive the development and implementation of a fresher, more modern look.

Notably, Bracewell decided to complete this project in-house. First, the firm performed an exhaustive market research project to help guide the development of the right look for Bracewell. Feedback from attorneys at the firm was essential, as they are most intimately involved with Bracewell’s current and future clients — the primary audience for the refresh. This research and feedback generated a clear image of what Bracewell wanted:

  • Color photos
  • A slicker look
  • Thinner lines
  • Less text heavy content
  • More infographics

The 2014 brand refresh received resounding approval internally and externally, and implementation included brochures, handouts, advertisements and information on the website.

This time- and cost-efficient project began in March and concluded with the website relaunch in October. Bracewell & Giuliani Brand Refresh Bracewell was able to hit all deadlines with very limited overlap of the old and new look during rollout.

Success was defined by Bracewell partners and staff after hearing back from clients about how great the new design looked. Bracewell recognized that a brochure was not going to get the work, but the refreshed look of the collateral gives partners the confidence to put it out front and be proud of what is in their hands going into a client meeting. That affect can make all the difference when selling Bracewell to a prospective client.

The marriage of colleagues and collateral makes Bracewell’s brand refresh stand out above the rest.

Online Resource:

Bracewell & Giuliani website



Second Place

Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff, LLP

Data Security & Privacy Initiative — Integrated Branding Program



In late 2013, Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff, LLP saw the need to invest resources into a Data Security & Privacy (DS&P) Initiative. As businesses were turning more frequently to technology when interacting with customers, connecting employees, transmitting and storing sensitive information globally, the firm realized that lawyers were going to be instrumental in helping address the legal aspects of data security and privacy and managing risk to stakeholders.

Benesch has a strong Innovations, Information Technology & Intellectual Property (3iP) Practice. They knew that they could capitalize off this robust practice by leveraging the skills they already had, adding talent and thought leadership, therefore bringing in more clients and more work from existing clients.

They chose the following tactics to achieve this:

  1. Hired away from a competing firm a leading IP partner who specializes in DS&P who chairs the firm's 3iP practice group
  2. Hired the former Global Privacy Manager for a Fortune 500 company as an associate for their 3iP group
  3. Created first-class marketing materials that position Benesch as thought leaders in this space
  4. Developed an aggressive PR campaign around the 3iP Group and our DS&P Initiative
  5. Developed speaking opportunities and sponsored leading industry conferences.

The audience ended up being much wider than originally anticipated. DS&P was going to affect health care companies and health-related information under HIPAA, but early on it became clear to Benesch that it also affects any business that could be threatened by a data breach because of increasing complexity in storage and transfer of data.

In early 2014, Benesch partnered with ALM to survey all Ohio general counsel, and subsequently hosted an event to discuss the findings. All survey results and comments from GCs supported that Data Security & Privacy was a major concern. The Target and Home Depot, etc. data breaches were also timely for this. A combination of the general counsel survey, current events in the country and internal research confirmed the need to concentrate efforts as suspected.

Benesch mobilized an internal cross-practice team including 3iP attorneys, health care attorneys and labor & employment attorneys. A brochure was created and distributed to Benesch’s client base and a PR firm was hired to help position the firm’s attorneys as thought leaders.

As a result, media coverage was picked up by outlets such as The New York Times, Washington Post and Industry Week. The firm’s 3iP attorneys spoke at more than 10 leading industry conferences. As a result, the firm brought in more than a dozen new clients and 41 percent more revenue in the area of DS&P than in 2013.



Third Place

Bass Berry & Sims PLC




Bass, Berry & Sims PLC went through a comprehensive rebranding initiative in 2014. The firm needed to clarify its brand, solidify key messages and create a market-facing personality with an end goal to attract both new clients and lateral attorneys. This process included a new logo; a change in the approach to how BBS referred to the firm name (Bass, Berry & Sims v. Bass); and new collateral that included letterhead, business cards, pitch books, brochures, promotional items and tradeshow materials.

BBS wanted to communicate the progressive nature of the firm and that it was a New York-quality firm, located across Tennessee and in Washington, D.C., that is able to perform sophisticated work locally, nationally and internationally. BBS engaged Greenfield Belser, an interactive brand design agency, to help with the initiative. Greenfield Belser conducted extensive research with key stakeholders within the firm and a number of clients in multiple industries and geographic locations. As a result of their research, Greenfield Belser created a new tagline, “Centered to Deliver,” to communicate the firm’s progressive nature, client focus, global reach and extensive experience. “Centered” was to represent a frame of mind, and “Deliver” was a word of action. BBS delivers sophisticated work.

Delevante, a graphic design firm, was engaged to provide the visual representation and overall brand strategy for BBS “Centered to Deliver.” The tagline and campaign has become the driving force behind the visual strategies of the rebrand.