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High Performance: Art, Science or Grit?

Join LMA Dallas and Darryl Cross of HighPer Teams for
“High Performance: Art, Science or Grit?”


Why do great performers consistently beat their competition? Why are some people “naturally good” at what they do? Is the seemingly ordinary person limited to the skills and abilities they were born with, or can they enhance their performance beyond their wildest dreams?

They can, and there is a systematic, simple way to do so.

Using examples from sports, business, special operators and even astronauts, this session is an exciting mix of storytelling, video and research to show how the elite get to the top and stay there.


  • How to incorporate fundamentals and practice into your rainmaker development
  • Using wargames and simulations to learn under duress
  • Using intensity planning to get more results with less time and less money
  • How to knock down resistance barriers from lawyers

June 22, 2017 11:30 AM - 1 PM
11:30 am: Registration/Networking
12:00 - 1:00 pm: Program

Sheley Marketing LLC
1701 N Market St. Suite 410
Dallas, TX 75202


$20 in Advance
$25 at the Door

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Our Speaker:

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Darryl Cross, HighPer Teams

Darryl Cross is an internationally known expert on the art, science, and grit of high performance and the chief performance officer and founder of HighPer Teams, a high-performance training company. Darryl has addressed more than 10,000 executives, professionals, and athletes from more than 100 countries about how to continuously maximize performance and results.

Our Sponsors:

Thank you to our June program sponsor, ContentPilot, and hosting firm, Sheley Marketing LLC.

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