Your Honor Awards Categories

Steve Boutwell | Kean Miller | 2016 Your Honor Awards TestimonialThe LMA Your Honor Awards cover excellence in legal marketing. All categories are aligned with the Body of Knowledge, created by the Legal Marketing Association.

The 2017 Your Honor Awards categories as well as the definition of the corresponding BoK domain are noted below. Any adjustments to the categories for 2018 will be shared before the submission portal opens this fall.

1. Business Development

Drives new business and increased revenue for the law firm - both directly and indirectly - through client and prospect outreach, attorney coaching and mentoring and market intelligence.

1A. Business development coaching/training. This includes attorney coaching, business development programs and plans, sales and networking techniques and cross-selling initiatives.

1B. Event management. This includes seminars, open houses, networking events, and educational webinars or seminars.

2. Business of Law

Includes understanding the legal profession, evaluating firm financial and operational performance, building strategies to leverage market opportunities and implementing practices that maximize performance.

2. Firm and practices strategy and planning. This includes market and business intelligence, profitability and pricing, talent management, financial management and measurement of ROI.

3. Client Services

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Consists of the techniques, processes and standards by which law firms' professional staff serve the lawyers in the firm and the clients of the firm, including the disciplines of project management and process improvement.

3. Project management. This includes client feedback programs, process improvement and industry and client teams.

4. Communications

Entails developing and implementing internal and external messaging strategies to broaden the impact of the firm’s programs and brand position.

4A. Messaging strategy. This includes logos, identity and style guides, integrated branding programs, advertising, promotional giveaways and tradeshow booths.

4B. Written or oral communication

4B.1: Firm-wide, office or practice brochures; and annual reports.

4B. 2: Announcements and holiday cards. 

4C. Interactive and digital marketing.

4C.1: Email marketing.

4C.2: Niche sites and blogs.

4D. Media Relations and/or PR. This includes press releases, news conferences and other non-paid media coverage, as well as media training programs, charitable and community service programs and pro bono projects.

5. Technology Management

Includes identification, implementation and effective management of the technologies and technology staff that support marketing and business development.

5A. Website, Analytics and SEO. 

5A.1 Total website refresh/overhaul/rebrand totaling up to $75,000

5A.2 Total website refresh/overhaul/rebrand totaling between $75,001-$175,000

5A.3 Total website refresh/overhaul/rebrand totaling over $175,001

5B. Social media and engagement. This includes mobile apps, social media campaigns and videos.

5C. Software and platforms. This includes CRM, proposal and pitch development, experience management and marketing automation.