2016 Winners: Website  — Total Website

Refresh, Overhaul or Rebrand Totaling Up to $75,000

First Place

Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P. and Greenfield/Belser Ltd.

Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P. Website Redesign

Summary YHA | Wonderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P.

Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P. is an intellectual property firm with one focus: prosecution.

The majority of the firm’s clients were in Europe and Japan, so the downturn in the Japanese economy forced the firm to reconsider its marketing and branding efforts. Wenderoth believed a stronger brand, focusing solely on this core strength, would help position the firm for new markets it had not yet considered and for work Wenderoth considered to be its sweet spot.

With the marketing goal being to diversify and expand the firm’s client base, it was critically important to bring its singular message and focus to life through a new, sophisticated firm site. In partnership with an agency, research for this project included internal interviews with firm management, key stakeholders within the firm and firm associates. The firm also conducted competitor and market research to better understand the strength of its differentiators and competitive position both domestically and internationally.

The biggest obstacles to the project were the external client interviews since the clients were international, and there were significant language barriers in some cases. As a result, the firm’s agency translated their typical telephone interview to an electronic survey, naturally creating less opportunity to expand on questions and answers to probe for richer data and detail.

Throughout the site, the firm consistently carried the one focus theme with imagery selected to compliment that focus. For example, the header of the Cases section reads “Focused on Success” and the image paired with it is a camera lens.

The intensity of the biker video on the homepage of the site draws the viewer in immediately. Rich biographies with attorney photos that stay on the page as the text scrolls make it feel as though the attorney is focused solely on you.

With a large practice in the Far East, the firm decided that the addition of Google Translate was necessary. A “Select Language” button was integrated into the design in the upper right corner of the page, so that any page on the site could translated in over 80 languages within seconds.

Last, the easy-to-use navigation and the movement on each page as it loads also enhanced the user experience.

Second Place

Kaplan Kirsh & Rockwell LLP and Content Pilot

Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell LLP Website Redesign

SummaryYHA | Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell LLP

Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell LLP worked with Content Pilot, which had designed her former law firm’s website. Together we determined that nothing the other firm had done in terms of design or development was worth saving.

Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell LLP is a boutique firm that operates out of two offices in Denver and Washington, D.C. Kaplan Kirsch’s clients and work span across the United States, handling the legal work for the country’s most visible and important infrastructure, transportation and landmark projects.

Kaplan Kirsch wanted a responsive website that effectively told this story in a powerful and differentiating way. Through the website planning sessions, Kaplan Kirsch emphasized that it is not a typical small law firm and that its lawyers are at the top of their field in areas that are seamlessly connected: water law, environmental law, airports (e.g., airspace, noise, safety/security, unmanned aircraft systems, drones) and labor/employment, bankruptcy as well as everything related to rail, highways and transportation.

The firm’s website partner, Content Pilot, conducted a positioning strategy session and determined that, unlike most corporate law firms, Kaplan Kirsch is project based. That’s how clients buy their services and how they are organized. Content Pilot identified a distinctive strategy that lawyers immediately embraced: “Projects that keep life moving.” This led to the firm’s decision to highlight three global navigation areas: people, projects and practices with less attention on navigational areas such as about us, career or news and publications.

The firm also planned that it would not use any stock photos on the site because all photos needed to represent client projects. Because the firm is organized around projects, it was critical to have projects at the center. The tagline, “Projects that keep life moving,” laid the foundation to showcase the client project photos, and was the backdrop for the lawyer photos as well. Clients enthusiastically consented to having their projects featured on the website. The practice descriptions were also crafted to be succinct, yet highly specific and unique.

The site launched in September 2015, and it received rave email reviews from important clients of the firm. Kaplan Kirsch’s lawyers were elated by the new strategy that captured the essence of the firm and were thrilled with the launch of the new responsive website.

Google Analytics showed that the traffic increased is 25% over the old site, and that the number of page views has quadrupled. Time spent on each page was also at least doubled.

Honorable Mention

Keogh, Cox & Wilson, Ltd. and Content Pilot

Keogh, Cox & Wilson, Ltd. Website Redesign

Summary YHA | Koegh Cox & Wilson, Ltd.

During a law firm retreat, an Altman Weil, Inc. consultant told Keogh, Cox & Wilson, Ltd. leaders that they needed a new website and referred them to Content Pilot.

Content Pilot conducted a “Ten Foundational Best Practices” audit of the site, which highlighted many areas of needed improvement. This motivated firm leaders to invest in and plan an overhaul of the site. At the same time, Content Pilot reviewed all firm marketing materials, advertising, budgets, website and search engine optimization expenditures, and more as well as conducted a positioning strategy meeting with firm leaders.

It was clear in the positioning strategy session that the lawyers had warm and important relationships amongst each other. There was a lot of ribbing and laughing, but equal amounts of respect and reverence as they spoke about firm clients and partners' particular strengths and the high quality associates they were attracting.

The lawyers were unwavering in what they wanted to do and where they wanted to go. They have been known and wanted to continue to be known as a firm that successfully handles complex cases in Louisiana. The new brand strategy for Keogh Cox was "The right ingredients for complex cases in Louisiana."

Capitalizing on how Louisiana is known for delicious food and spice, the "right ingredients" strategy served as a reminder to out-of-state law firms who refer work to them as well as clients in other parts of the United States. Content Pilot also recommended that the firm went to market with their street name, Keogh Cox, instead of using the initials KCW.

As the cornerstone of the new brand launch, the website is the new centerpiece for lawyers’ business development. With the presentation-ready print to PDFs, lawyers are prepared for their next meeting in minutes.

As a result of these efforts and changes, website visits are up by 20% over the old site when compared to the same time period a year earlier.