2016 Winners: Website — Total Website

Refresh, Overhaul or Rebrand Totaling More Than $175,001

First Place

Oblon LLP

Oblon LLP — New Website

SummaryYHA | Oblon LLP

For the past 40 or more years, Oblon LLP has achieved success serving large foreign companies like Toyota, Toshiba and Samsung. However, the market for legal services continues to change, and Oblon needed to broaden its client base in order to continue growing.

Among its new targets are high-growth, cutting-edge technology companies in the United States. Additionally, Oblon wanted to overcome their marketplace reputation as a prosecution-only firm and to highlight the firm’s ability to do high-value work across other practice areas, including intellectual property litigation and post-grant proceedings.

The project began with a six-week discovery phase and involved meetings and research. Oblon engaged Great Jakes to perform a deep dive into Oblon’s clients, practices and culture. Great Jakes also examined barriers to growth and considered the firm’s position and key differentiators among its competitors. The discovery phase yielded one main goal: build a website that would appeal to the world’s most innovative technology companies.

Oblon’s target market was high-tech companies, so they felt a need to push the boundaries of traditional law firm website design to mirror the entrepreneurial and tech-savvy culture of their prospects and clients. This was accomplished by using a striking, full-screen, silent “videographic” on the homepage that features a series of action-packed shots illustrating the breadth of technologies the firm handles. They also used client spotlights on the clients’ page. These spotlights depict how the firm builds collaborative, full-service advisory relationships with their clients. They also designed custom iconography with each icon representing an industry Oblon serves. This array of icons immediately conveys Oblon's breadth of expertise.

Oblon determined that one-size-fits-all bios were deemed insufficient for the site because the firm’s attorneys have unique experience and market themselves very differently from one another. Instead, Oblon opted to configure the bios as attorney microsites. Attorney microsites were developed for each attorney and were highly customizable—allowing any number of pages and any type of content.

Oblon also created dynamic portrait photos to steer away from traditional lawyer photos. Instead, they chose a more modern approach that mirrors the relaxed, entrepreneurial culture of potential target companies. Each person was shot differently, using the pose that best suits their personality.

Finally, Oblon adopted the philosophy that a wider format means maximum visual impact. The website achieves maximum visual impact by automatically expanding to fill the screen of extra-wide monitors—1920 pixels wide as opposed to most other websites that are built to a maximum width of 1024 or 1200 pixels.

By all accounts, the website has achieved its overarching goal: the firm's tech-savvy client base loves it. Oblon has received rave reviews from clients, prospective clients and employees alike, and Oblon now feels that it is well positioned for growth.

Second Place

Lewis Rice LLC

Lewis Rice Website Redesign

Summary YHA | Lewis Rice

Lewis Rice LLC is a regional firm that serves clients coast-to-coast, and the firm felt it needed a new website that would better reflect its position in the marketplace. Lewis Rice partnered with Great Jakes Marketing Company, who engaged first in an extensive discovery phase. The results of that discovery phase provided Lewis Rice the direction it needed: to look big, focus on the clients, communicate the regional connection and national reach, and support rainmaking by individual attorneys.

Armed with the goals and overarching principles identified during discovery, a small committee of decision makers at the firm, along with the Great Jakes team, embarked on a year-long project to build a new website to better reflect the firm’s culture and sophisticated attorneys, and to better support business development. Key features that led to completing this goal were client profiles, attorney microsites, rich photography and powerful analytics.

Client profiles prominently featured a handful of the firm’s key clients, showcasing breadth of practice and the type of long-term, collaborative relationships the firm’s attorneys develop with their clients. Attorney microsites were developed to be highly customizable mini-websites that could be tailored to the specific business development needs for each lawyer.

Lewis Rice used large, engaging photos throughout the site in order to make an emotional connection with website visitors. The website features shots of the firm’s own attorneys in suite and on location at a handful of meaningful spots around town, including at the courthouse and at clients such as the St. Louis Zoo and a robotics manufacturer.

Targeted messages throughout the website deliver specific content to drive engagement and support business development.

Finally, Lewis Rice wished for a robust, easy-to-read analytics tool to support business development. The resulting backend dashboard uses a series of intuitive dropdown menus and provides Lewis Rice access to valuable data by attorney, practice area, section or page.

Importantly, Lewis Rice’s attorneys now see the website as a viable marketing platform for themselves, thus allowing them to offer content unique to their individual practices and clients.

Third Place

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP

Quinn Emanuel's Website Redesign & Advancement

Summary YHA | Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP set out to redesign its website to improve mobile compatibility, information accessibility and to elevate its online identity to match that of the global litigation powerhouse it has become.

Since Quinn Emanuel’s last redesign in 2007, its image as a firm has evolved. It has grown from four domestic offices in two states to 18 offices in nine countries. The firm now employs almost 700 lawyers—twice as many as in 2007.

Quinn Emanuel’s new site was developed to help ensure brand consistency between the firm’s online presence and its reputation for excellence and growth among clients and peers. The firm’s new website also represented a critical upgrade from its previous site, which was launched prior to the popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices.

In redesigning the site, Quinn Emanuel established three strategic marketing goals that it would use to measure success:

  1. Image/Branding: Present Quinn Emanuel as the premier global litigation powerhouse in the context of the firm’s messaging—that its business is winning cases, and the proof is in the trial statistics
  2. Technology/Accessibility: Utilize advanced technology to allow the firm’s target audience to seamlessly interact with its brand across all online platforms, including mobile devices
  3. Attorney business development support: Provide a highly valuable information portal to support attorneys’ business development efforts firm wide

Quinn Emanuel’s website redesign team, a collaborative group of in-house marketing professionals and attorneys alongside a Web design firm, set out to completely revamp the site’s architecture to appeal to its target audience: clients, prospects and recruits.

Market research and user testing informed all redesign decisions regarding aesthetics, content and the navigational and technical aspects of the site. The new website focused on differentiating Quinn Emanuel and its litigation-only business model from its competitors by using a modern design. Quinn Emanuel’s new website was also created using responsive design.

The firm’s site saw an increase in both mobile and tablet visitors of 4,428% and 5,344%, respectively. New site visitors increased by 35%. Organic Internet searches for Quinn Emanuel also increased by 22%, demonstrating a significant improvement in search engine visibility.

The new site maximized brand clarity and provided a quality source of information for prospective clients and attorneys alike, while simultaneously reaffirming Quinn Emanuel’s position as the world’s premier litigation-only firm.