2016 Winners: Identity  Projects Totaling Up To $20,000

First Place

Fragomen, Del Ray, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP

Immigration Simplified —  Fragomen Tradeshow Booth for SHRM 2015

SummaryYHA | Fragomen, Del Ray, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP

Fragomen’s presence at the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) conference was a clear representation of taking a strategic objective, mapping it to audience objectives and creating a well-executed design that delivers.

Standing out and being memorable at a trade show is a challenge. Standing out at SHRM’s conference is even more difficult, particularly with hundreds of other companies competing for attention.

In the immigration community, Fragomen Worldwide has been perceived as the leading immigration law firm, servicing the needs of multinational corporations worldwide, but the firm also works with small- and medium-sized organizations. Fragomen’s strategic objective was to reach more of this audience, beyond just the multinational corporation, to make a memorable connection and take the opportunity to shift perception.

Knowing that SHRM brings HR professionals from companies of all sizes, Fragomen made the strategic decision to exhibit at the conference. The internal team leveraged what they know is important to existing small and medium-sized clients and, with that information, engaged their design firm to brainstorm new concepts and themes. The internal and external teams worked together to develop a multifaceted tradeshow presence consisting of a large-scale island booth with striking, engaging graphics and simple, appealing headlines and an engaging promotional campaign. The structure of the booth allowed for optimal line of sight and openness. The team combined static booth elements with engaging digital graphics that showcased individuals from around the world, living and working in locations around the world.

The imagery was relatable. The intention of the design and messaging was to show the very people they work with, so that the booth visitor could easily identify with them. The larger-than-life image of each person was then silhouetted over an international city scene, which showed the seamless transport of people around the world. The firm also used terminology easily recognizable to those in the field or on the periphery to needing immigration assistance.

The top-level messaging was consistent with the firm objective that Fragomen provides immigration “Simplified. Locally. Globally.”

Finally, the team bundled in a photo booth activity where booth visitors could “go around the world with Fragomen” by taking a photo against a backdrop of an international city. Green screen photography allowed booth visitors to be transported around the world in minutes, reinforcing the sentiment of simplified global mobility with Fragomen. Booth visitors were given a complimentary physical copy of their personalized postcard and were also entered to win a gift card for participating. Each visitor was encouraged to share their photo and participate in social media by hash tagging “I went around the world with #Fragomen at #SHRM2015.” The firm supported these booth activities throughout the event with a social media campaign that mirrored each day’s events.

Fragomen was able to attract the small and medium-sized target audience—86% of the booth demographics were from HR professionals that represented companies with fewer than 100 employees—and had more time with those leads in its booth.

Honorable Mention

KellEy Kronenberg

Welcome Video

SummaryYHA | Kelley Kronenberg

Kelley Kronenberg’s marketing department completed a firm-wide rebranding initiative to showcase the firm’s expanded geographic presence, diversified practice area focus and philosophy—a firm built on relationships.

From the external rebranding, the number of new employees joining the firm, as well as the number of lateral acquisitions, increased. To complement the external rebrand and continue to drive the cultural shift taking place internally, the marketing department decided to internally brand the firm to new hires and existing employees.

The goal was to ensure employees understand the who and why behind the firm’s business and culture and to create a video that showcased the firm’s people and ultimately answer the question “What makes Kelley Kronenberg different?”

The marketing department spent three months researching and analyzing the best practices to utilize. It was decided that a welcome video would be the most effective and powerful medium to share the firm culture. Members of the marketing department viewed approximately 200 welcome and/or recruiting videos from Fortune 500 companies, other national law firms and various mid-sized companies. Additionally, the marketing team reviewed portfolio and video galleries of 14 local production companies and conducted interviews.

With authenticity being the most crucial component of the video and the firm culture of “putting our people first,” the marketing department strategically selected internal personnel for on-camera interviews. The concept was unscripted dialogue —developed through an interview exchange—that would highlight each person’s true feelings regarding the firm’s culture and their personal experiences. The marketing department spent approximately three weeks developing content and questions that would be used to extract talking points from interviewees.

The video shoot production was conducted over four days, in three cities. It also involved a broad range of backdrop and b-roll footage to complement the interview portions of the video. The video editing, including logging of footage, footage selection, editing, graphics and audio selection, continued for three weeks post production.

This welcome video, which is intended as an internal marketing piece, is part of a series that will have a more comprehensive distribution strategy and reach out to a broader audience. The marketing department plans to distribute the remaining videos in the series on the firm’s website and social media platforms.

This project was debuted to firm partners and associates at the its yearly seminar. The video was received with resounding applause and cheers. Overall, the reaction of the firm’s managing partner solidified the ultimate goal—to authentically and effectively communicate the evolution of the firm’s culture. Upon viewing the video, he stated that it “significantly exceeded all expectations.”