2016 Winners: Social/Interactive Media

First Place

Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.

Ogletree Deakins' Workplace Strategies Mobile App

SummaryYHA | Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.

Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.’s annual Workplace Strategies seminar is one of the premier labor and employment law events of its kind for human resources professionals, in-house counsel and other business leaders.

The 2015 Workplace Strategies seminar welcomed 800 guests and clients for four days of programming that included more than 75 sessions, featuring 200 speakers focused on providing employers solutions to cutting-edge labor and employment law topics. To enhance attendees’ experience during Workplace Strategies, Ogletree Deakins partnered with DoubleDutch to develop a mobile app.

The Workplace Strategies app was designed and developed for iOS, Android and HTML5 platforms, enabling attendees to download and access the app on any mobile device. The app’s features allowed attendees to customize and create their own agenda, send messages to and network with fellow attendees, connect with Ogletree Deakins attorneys, access social media sites and receive up-to-the-minute seminar information—all with the touch of a button.

A representative from DoubleDutch, along with a member of the firm’s marketing team, staffed the mobile app assistance desk to answer all questions about the app and encourage attendees to download the app to their mobile device. An email address was also created to service attendees and ensure a positive app experience for attendees.

The activity feed and gamification capabilities were utilized to encourage usage of the app and drive attendees’ participation with the seminar and were key differentiators that made the Workplace Strategies app stand apart from others. Attendees could engage with the seminar hosts and fellow attendees in the activity feed by sharing their thoughts and comments, posting photos and status updates, checking in to sessions, liking various items and completing surveys for the sessions. Gamification helped to drive participation through a built-in leaderboard functionality that fostered engagement by encouraging attendees to compete for points.

The firm’s marketing department also developed an engagement strategy to incentivize attendees to download the app and encourage usage. The goal was to create an attendee-led community during the event, leveraging the app as the centerpiece and utilizing the activity feed and gamification features. This was accomplished by creating a user’s guide within the app, assigning point totals for various actions taken by attendees, and creating messages and calls to action that were delivered as promoted posts on the activity feed or as push notifications to an attendee’s device.

The results far exceed expectations and delivered on the goals of enhancing the attendee experience and creating a community. Attendees performed a total of 123,717 actions in the app (250 actions per user), posted more than 550 photos, provided more than 600 comments, gave more than 1,100 status updates, completed nearly 200 surveys and liked more than 7,400 items. The app was launched one month before Workplace Strategies and was $5,000 under budget.

Second Place

DLA Piper LLP (US)

Turning Employees into Brand Advocates Through Social Media

SummaryYHA | DLA Piper LLP (US)

DLA Piper LLP (US) is focused on supporting a strong content-driven culture. The firms recognized early on that people trust and engage more with content shared by individuals than companies and that a multi-channel approach was necessary. This understanding drove the firm’s progression into a full digital ecosystem, including an expanding end-to-end online content cycle to activate the firm and its employees.

In March 2015, DLA Piper selected LinkedIn’s Elevate platform as its employee activation solution, encouraging employees to share great content via their personal networks (i.e., LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) and ultimately helping companies to be more socially engaged. DLA Piper was one of the first companies and the only law firm in the Elevate pilot program.

Elevate’s goal was to help DLA Piper partners, lawyers and employees discover and share content that positions them as thought leaders and helps them connect with clients and prospects while favorably positioning the brand both within and outside the legal world.

DLA Piper is always challenged to create processes and systems wherein the firm, its employees, individual offices and practices can communicate consistently, while keeping in mind the need to protect and expand the brand in a regulated industry and environment in which risk is inherent. Elevate allowed the firm to encourage its employees to build their personal brands with content that had no client conflict issues and offered cross-selling potential to align with the firm’s new sector strategy.

Rather than smothering expression, the firm’s size has always lent itself to creative explorations of new ways to communicate. Social media is a natural fit for this behavior. The Elevate program helped the firm move the focus of the online content program beyond it’s own channels to employees and their use of larger networks.

By receiving training as well as content to share on this cutting-edge platform the firm’s employees were able to use social media quickly, efficiently and safely to win business, raise their profiles and market their practices and the firm.

The advanced analytics that LinkedIn provided helped DLA Piper and its employees understand who is engaging with their content and how to better optimize what they are sharing.

Since starting to use Elevate, DLA Piper's lawyers, partners and professionals have shared twice as frequently on LinkedIn as before, and influenced three times more company page followers and two times more company page views. As a result, DLA Piper has surpassed 50,000 followers on LinkedIn.

One of the firm’s partners commented that “My visibility has skyrocketed both internally with our colleagues (especially internationally) and externally with lawyers at other firms and with clients with whom I have not spoken meaningfully in years; I am receiving new matters as a result of this product (LinkedIn Elevate). This is an amazing function that takes less than a minute out of my day; I could not make up an easier marketing strategy on my own.”

Honorable Mention

Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

'The Interviewers' Recruiting Video

SummaryYHA | Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

The purpose of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP’s “The Interviewers” video was to connect with law students through the most effective mediums used by students to drive video views and produce a fun, informative, real-life documentary-style video.

Pillsbury has offered students its “15 Interview Questions” through the firm’s careers site and via online recruitment campaigns for several years. That piece has been consistently well-received and was the basis and impetus for developing the video.

The firm chose video as the medium as it is more effective with the target audience’s demographics than paper materials and more easily allowed the firm to convey the its personality. The style of video was based on a contemporary ad-lib documentary talking head style with only the attorney answering the question on camera at any one time. A mix of partners, senior associates and associates was used to accurately reflect the firm. Pillsbury lawyers who were scheduled to be 2015 on-campus interviewers were used to convey the firm’s personality. The marketing team conceived the idea and worked with the recruiting department throughout the project.

The video was widely distributed and viewed via social media channels.

The piece was received by the firm as creative and original in that it took a risk in exposing non-scripted attorneys at all levels to students and truly gave the students a taste of who works at Pillsbury using a fresh, contemporary video style.