2016 Winners: Practice Development and Client-based Programs

First Place and Best in Show

DLA Piper LLP (US)

“In A Flash! (A Lesson in Cybersecurity)”

SummaryYHA | DLA Piper LLP (US)

DLA Piper LLP (US) created the film, “In A Flash! (A Lesson in Cybersecurity)” to build on the success it experienced with its first film, “At What Cost?”

The film was developed with the objective of adding value and being present in its clients’ lives. DLA Piper’s cybersecurity lawyers possess deep knowledge on this subject, and they used the film as an opportunity to educate their clients and potential clients about the legal issues a company may encounter regarding cybersecurity.

The firm wanted to create a versatile product that has evergreen content and could be presented at a client’s office or as a panel presentation. The film was designed to operate much like a law school issue-spotting exam in that there are multiple legal issues and concerns presented, allowing the audience the opportunity to raise questions and engage in discussion.

Their goal was create a product that clients find engaging—something that they want to share with a larger audience, including their compliance teams, audit teams, non-lawyer business professionals and board of directors.

To produce the film, DLA Piper worked with a production company, Videobred, and formed a team of attorneys and marketing professionals to work as the internal scripting consultants. Because DLA Piper was relying on a team of full-time practicing attorneys, it was an ongoing challenge to obtain a regular time slot on their calendars to review and discuss the script. To remedy this, the firm hosted a standing weekly call and invited a large group of attorneys. As long as there were three or four attorneys on the call each week who could provide input, the scripting process advanced forward and on schedule.

After the film was produced, DLA Piper worked with its professional development team so that they could provide CLE ethics credit for the film. The firm also created custom collateral and CLE guides to accompany the film. DLA Piper worked with their digital team to house the film on an internal firm website so that their attorneys can “grab and go” to present to clients as needed. The film also lives on the firm’s private YouTube channel.

“In A Flash!” was absolutely unique in the marketplace. No other firm or company offered a cybersecurity feature-length film to demonstrate practitioner expertise in an entertaining and interactive manner. It is very realistic and addresses a multitude of timely legal issues.

Furthermore, the film is engaging. Clients are eager to jump in and discuss the presented topics, but DLA Piper oftentimes hear from its clients that the conversation continues well after they leave their offices—that the film has forced them to think about cybersecurity in a concrete manner that is engaging and provoking.

The film allows DLA Piper attorneys the opportunity to showcase their subject matter expertise in front of a client for a full hour and a half in a way that adds value and strengthens the relationship. So far, they have presented the film over 20 times year-to-date, and it has resulted in at least 12 significant cybersecurity matters.

The film has also been widely praised by clients and targets. After a showing one client wrote, “To present such complex sophisticated information in such an interesting fashion is seldom seen.”

Further, the firm advanced substantially in the BTI brand favorability rankings this year, and its cybersecurity expertise was specifically mentioned.

Second Place

McAfee & Taft

JurisIQ Learning CenterMcAfee & Taft | YHA


Over the years, McAfee & Taft’s Labor & Employment Group has developed a reputation for being a go-to legal resource by equipping employers and HR professionals with timely legal information. McAfee & Taft has become a legal resource by producing news and commentary through its EmployerLINC.com blog, complimentary seminars and webinars, monthly contributions to external publications and regular speaking engagements before HR and industry groups.

Providing live, on-site training for client companies is a well-known strength of the firm as well, but many companies – even well-meaning employers – do an inadequate job of providing initial training and ongoing training for their entire workforce. Most don’t provide employment law training of any kind, and even those that provide training do so on an infrequent basis, and usually on one or two topics.

As the McAfee & Taft attorneys know so well, the employer obstacles to company-wide training are many – expense, the hassle of trying to train workers at multiple and remote locations, and a lack of time, resources, and access to quality, up-to-date training materials. Unfortunately, the consequences of not providing such training can be very costly, especially if a company is hit with a lawsuit in which they cannot take advantage of the affirmative defenses available to employers in employment lawsuits. In creating the JurisIQ Learning Center (www.jurisiq.com), McAfee & Taft had two objectives in mind: 1) Monetize its strength as trainers, and 2) Increase the value and demand for our LE practice by equipping employers to be in in the best position to defend, or avoid, a lawsuit.

JurisIQ is a comprehensive, online, on-demand digital learning library covering all facets of labor and employment law. All video courses are taught by McAfee & Taft attorneys, the same team of lawyers that thousands of HR professionals have depended on for years for their own employment law training. Every JurisIQ presentation is designed to cut through the clutter and convey the critical information a workforce needs in a concise and meaningful way, without obligating employees to unnecessarily long training sessions. The format is also ideal for providing immediate training for new employees during the onboarding process. JurisIQ offers unlimited access to targeted training for all types of employees – basic employment law training for the general workforce, expanded training for managers and supervisors, and detailed education and training for HR professionals, executives, and business owners – all for one annual subscription price. This project was conceived and developed in-house as a collaborative effort between the firm’s Labor & Employment Group and marketing department.

Third Place

Winston & Strawn LLP

Winston & Strawn LLP Partners Conference 2015 Cross-selling Initiative

SummaryYHA | Winston & Strawn

Promoting cross-selling and integration of new laterals were two key objectives of Winston & Strawn LLP’s 2015 Partners Conference (PC15).

To accomplish these goals, Winston & Strawn created a campaign that facilitated direct communication among partners in all offices, but particularly between the United States and outside of the United States; highlighted the unique capabilities of new laterals and non-U.S. practices; and fully leveraged the resources spent bringing everyone together.

The overarching theme of the campaign was “Meet Your Partners.” Tapping into the attorneys’ competitive nature, Winston & Strawn used video, written and game-based formats for a multi-faceted, uncharted approach. The campaign included:

  • Spotlight Videos: For the 12 weeks leading up to PC15, the firm shared one to two short videos highlighting an Asia or EU partner
  • Meet Your Partners Game: To facilitate expanding their network, partners were encouraged to meet at least 10 new people in specific practice areas, have those partners sign their game card and turn it in to win prizes
  • Targeted Materials: Winston created trifold “centerpieces” (color-coded by region) for the PC15 tables that highlighted non-U.S. services
  • Coordinating nametags to make it easy to identify partners by region.

The campaign’s stated purpose was to prepare participants in advance for a deeper dialogue at PC15 regarding how to collaborate more effectively and cross-sell our services; help integrate new lateral partners and non-U.S. practices; and most effectively use the brief time they had together. All elements of the campaign supported these goals and helped to improve the partners’ understanding of each other’s practices.

Because they began planning the campaign only five months prior to the conference, they had to manage our timelines very closely. External research was not required, but extensive planning was.

Winston & Strawn faced numerous challenges on the spotlight videos, from scheduling and prepping the non-U.S. partners who were interviewed in a two-week period in London, Paris and Hong Kong in October 2014, to editing eight-plus hours of raw footage in order to produce 24 two-minute videos. The production schedule was very aggressive. They had to finalize and post 1-2 videos per week in order to share each clip before PC15 started.

With regard to the other components, the team had to convince the firm-wide managing partner that the “Meet Your Partners” game would be an effective networking tool and to invest in compelling prizes. Onsite, they encouraged partners to participate. This effort was staffed by our marketing and business development team and an external videographer.

The objective was to increase cross-practice/office dialogue and integration through the videos, game and materials with a goal of getting one to two new engagements, or $1 million in new attributed revenues. Participation in the game (199 of 360 attendees) and evaluation results (scored 4.59/6.00) were strongly positive. The firm still sees the financial benefits of the campaign in increased interaction/cross-selling between the U.S. and non-U.S. partners, but they can attribute roughly $1.7 million in new revenue to date from the campaign.

The intangible ROI was significantly higher as captured in the feedback from the conference. The comments included: “game was GENIUS;” “got people to introduce themselves…thought it was effective;” “the thought that went into introducing [international] colleagues was terrific;” “created a…perfect excuse to break the ice for…people who might otherwise not be effective in…joining a group of strangers.”