2016 Winners: Promotional and Collateral Materials — Holiday Card

First Place

Maslon LLP

Maslon Grateful Greeting Cards (2014)

Summary YHA | Maslon LLP

In a market saturated with holiday e-cards, Minneapolis law firm Maslon LLP has made it a mission to consistently differentiate itself in a meaningful, memorable way with clients and contacts by reinventing the e-card format each year. The 2014 holiday card was no exception.

Maslon worked with creative agency, Knock, Inc. to create a video site themed with the message "what we're grateful for." Styled with a nod to Minnesota native Bob Dylan's iconic Subterranean Homesick Blues music video, the site featured a video of each Maslon attorney similarly holding a stack of cards with handwritten messages. Beginning with a card reading "I'm grateful for…," the attorneys would flip through the cards against a musical backdrop to reveal three things they were grateful for in 2014. The collective responses were thoughtful, personal, often humorous and, most importantly, sincere. The responses also gave viewers a glimpse into what really mattered to each attorney throughout the year.

Selected submissions include: “My rescue dog, Barkly,” “Movie night with my wife and daughters,” “Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro,” “Online grocery shopping,” “Surviving the bar exam,” “My daughter's smile at week's end,” “Celebrating my Mom's 70th,” “Sunsets in Jerusalem with my husband,” and “A beautiful new granddaughter.”

Each video ended with the attorneys flipping to the last card to deliver a unified message to the firm's clients and contacts. Succintly, each attorney said that they were grateful for "YOU."

The site was launched to a list of over 14,000 clients and contacts via an email broadcast that included carefully crafted language to position the site with the holiday season.

Ultimately, the result at launch was profound. The holiday e-cards helped to reveal the depth, diversity and humanity of Maslon's attorneys and also delivered a strong message of thanks to the firm’s clients and contacts. Maslon received overwhelmingly positive feedback from recipients – flooding the attorneys' inboxes with messages of delight. Not only were visitors checking the videos of attorneys they knew, they were clicking through every single attorney video and sharing the site with others. Here are a selection of visitor responses:

“This greeting is absolutely awesome! I found you right away and I enjoyed the theme so much that I clicked on everyone. Brilliant idea and nicely done!”

“Grateful Greetings! What a wonderful card and sentiment!! Thanks for sending it along. (I've already shared it with four friends. So fun and personable!!)”

“It is so out of character for me to take a moment to connect personally, but I just have to tell you that the Maslon holiday wish this year was BY FAR the BEST EVER!”

“Great job! Very creative and personal. It's interesting to learn a little more about [the attorneys]. I also liked seeing them fumble a little with the cards—very natural for lawyers and it humanized them!”

“Outstanding grateful greeting I received from Maslon. Our law firm's network blocked the Maslon greetings at first from playing, but I persevered and played it off network. It's one of the better holiday-season emails we have been graced with.”

“That Mason's holiday greeting approach is one of the more creative and effective I have seen. It beats the hell out of (a) paper cards, which are usually immediately discarded by in-house lawyers (at least here at [company]) with nary a review; or (2) cheesy snowflake-falling e-cards that show literally no imagination whatsoever (and does not create any connection with the lawyer sending, which I presume is the point). Well done."