2016 Winner: Best in Show

First Place - Practice Development


"In a Flash! A Lesson In Cybersecurity"

Summary  YHA | DLA Piper (US)

DLA Piper LLP (US) created the film, “In A Flash! (A Lesson in Cybersecurity)” to build on the success it experienced with its first film, “At What Cost?”

The film was developed with the objective of adding value and being present in its clients’ lives. DLA Piper’s cybersecurity lawyers possess deep knowledge on this subject, and they used the film as an opportunity to educate their clients and potential clients about the legal issues a company may encounter regarding cybersecurity.

The firm wanted to create a versatile product that has evergreen content and could be presented at a client’s office or as a panel presentation. The film was designed to operate much like a law school issue-spotting exam in that there are multiple legal issues and concerns presented, allowing the audience the opportunity to raise questions and engage in discussion.

Their goal was create a product that clients find engaging—something that they want to share with a larger audience, including their compliance teams, audit teams, non-lawyer business professionals and board of directors.

To produce the film, DLA Piper worked with a production company, Videobred, and formed a team of attorneys and marketing professionals to work as the internal scripting consultants. Because DLA Piper was relying on a team of full-time practicing attorneys, it was an ongoing challenge to obtain a regular time slot on their calendars to review and discuss the script. To remedy this, the firm hosted a standing weekly call and invited a large group of attorneys. As long as there were three or four attorneys on the call each week who could provide input, the scripting process advanced forward and on schedule.

After the film was produced, DLA Piper worked with its professional development team so that they could provide CLE ethics credit for the film. The firm also created custom collateral and CLE guides to accompany the film. DLA Piper worked with their digital team to house the film on an internal firm website so that their attorneys can “grab and go” to present to clients as needed. The film also lives on the firm’s private YouTube channel.

“In A Flash!” was absolutely unique in the marketplace. No other firm or company offered a cybersecurity feature-length film to demonstrate practitioner expertise in an entertaining and interactive manner. It is very realistic and addresses a multitude of timely legal issues.

Furthermore, the film is engaging. Clients are eager to jump in and discuss the presented topics, but DLA Piper oftentimes hear from its clients that the conversation continues well after they leave their offices—that the film has forced them to think about cybersecurity in a concrete manner that is engaging and provoking.

The film allows DLA Piper attorneys the opportunity to showcase their subject matter expertise in front of a client for a full hour and a half in a way that adds value and strengthens the relationship. So far, they have presented the film over 20 times year-to-date, and it has resulted in at least 12 significant cybersecurity matters.