LMA Regionalization Information

Thank you so much for being a member or friend of LMA. It is because of your participation and dedication to the legal marketing and business development profession that LMA has grown by 50% over the past five years. Today we are a strong, vibrant and growing community of more than 3,700 passionate people helping to transform the legal industry.

Like many of our members, we believe in the power of continuous improvement. To that end, in 2013 we undertook the One LMA initiative to better understand how we can become a more cohesive organization that finds its strength by working more closely together. This initiative included feedback meetings with leadership of every LMA chapter.  Out of that initiative came the Organizational Structure Task Force (OSTF) with a charter to reassess the fundamental structures upon which LMA is organized. This Task Force considered everything from succession planning to staffing models to overall HQ, Chapter and City Group structures. As a result, we have strengthened and renewed many aspects of our international management activities.

Through this work, they also identified the following imperatives for the continued future growth and success of our association:

  • Maximize the value of your LMA membership.
  • Minimize administrative burden on chapters while ensuring compliance with LMA standards.
  • Create more opportunities for education and networking through a more regionalized focus.
  • Increase collaboration and coordination between HQ and local groups.
  • Centralize and streamline core business functions.

In order to meet these objectives, the OSTF has recommended, and the LMA Board of Directors has approved, that LMA will shift to a regional structure effective January 1, 2017. Beginning at that time, all current Chapters and City Groups, as well as all members at large, will be restructured into seven new regions. A map showing the borders of these new regions can be found here

Great care was taken in determining the composition of these new regional groupings to maximize the ability to serve all members. Factors considered included travel times across the region; financial stability and parity of resources; cultural, market, industry and business similarities; and size of membership within each region.

Each region will be governed by an elected board and will have access to a region-employed administrator. There will also be local groups throughout each region that will be managed by local steering committees under governance of the regional board. Like our current chapters, these local communities will offer education, professional development and networking opportunities on a year-round basis.

While the basic regional structure has already been established, there is still much work needed to finalize all of the details for this new model. This work will be done by a newly established Regional Implementation Task Force (RITF) with input from local leaders and members through a variety of feedback mechanisms. Please watch your inbox over the next several months for updates on planning for this exciting strategic shift. Included will be information on ways you can contribute to these very important conversations about the bright future of LMA.

While many questions are yet unanswered, if you have any immediate questions, please feel free to direct them to us and the RITF through our membersupport@legalmarketing.org email inbox. This inbox is checked frequently and ensures your inquiries will be addressed and shared in the timeliest manner possible.

As a final note, please remember that nothing will change with your Chapter or City Group affiliation until 2017, so be sure to continue to support your local activities and participate in LMA communities throughout 2016 just as you have in the past. As we said at the beginning of this letter, it is because of YOU that the LMA is in such a strong position to secure our future growth. We are and will remain stronger together!