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Website Redesign Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are excited for you to explore the new LMA website when it launches. Our staff has worked hard on this redesign, in coordination with the Website Redesign Task Force, and cannot wait for you to experience the fresh, new LegalMarketing.org. The site will feature streamlined, user-friendly navigation and updated capabilities to personalize your experience. The FAQs featured on this page will serve as a guide for some of these new features, and will be updated regularly as new questions arise.

  • How do I set up favorites and customize my LMA home page?

    To access your favorites, select "My Favorites" from the "My Options" menu. Your My Favorites page is divided into two areas:

      The left side lists the content from each of your Favorites (e.g., if you added a blog to your favorites, its associated articles will be listed in this area). This list is automatically updated and refreshed as new content becomes available. Using the Filter Favorites menu at the top-right, you can select which Favorites to show/hide, making it easier to locate specific content.
      The right side lists any blogs, communities, forums, etc., you have added to your Favorites, either while browsing your site or from the Edit Favorites/Notifications page. Refer to the Adding Favorites section below for more information.
    MyPage Example

  • Will my login change?

    Your login will not change with the redesign. Please continue to use the login you have been using.

  • How do I use the social media login function?

    Upon logging in to the new LegalMarketing.org, you will notice new options to log in using a selection of social media profiles. In order to do this, please make sure you are logged in to the LMA site using your LMA login. Navigate to My LMA > My Profile and click the ellipses in the left menu bar. Select Enable Social Login. This will open a box where you can select the account you would most want linked with LMA. Select that account and follow the guided prompts to finalize setup. Social login does not grant permission to post on your behalf, and will only be used for login purposes.

  • How do I customize my profile (MyPage)?

    To access your MyPage, select "My Page" from the "My Options" menu. Your MyPage is what other users see when they view your profile. As a result, you can decide what personal information is shared. There are two ways to better customize this page:

    1. Actions: The "Actions" menu allows you to edit Visibility Settings (the personal information that appears publicly), page layout, update your picture, or update Contact Links. Contact links offer a way to link up social networks with your LMA profile.
    2. Widgets: Widgets are mini-applications you can add to customize your MyPage that include, but are not limited to, your latest forum or blog post with LMA, a YouTube video,or a photo feed. There is no limit to how many total widgets you can have on your MyPage.

  • How will Chapter pages change?

    All chapter sections will be housed underneath “Connect” in the top navigation. Any information that currently lives within your chapter's sidebar or pages will remain on the website once launched, and ownership of all of that content will remain in the hands of the leadership of each chapter.

    The redesigned website will also have added functionality for logged-in members. Once logged in, the home page will prominently display a chapter icon that will direct members, individually, to their primary chapter, as determined by membership type.

  • What does this mean for the 2017 Regionalization?

    The website redesign does not reflect any changes that will eventually be made in 2017 for regionalization. The web-based aspect of the transition to regionalization will be discussed and decided upon later this year, and we will be sure to communicate any and all changes that result from the move to regionalization.

  • Is there a description for each section that will help me find the correct information?

    There sure is! Take a look below to learn more about each section.

      • About: Want to know more about LMA and discover our history? Access the LMA overview, history, leadership, FAQs and Contact information here, among other things.
      • Join: For all nonmembers, this section is a great way to learn more about LMA and what membership offers.
      • Connect: Connect with fellow professionals through chapters, SIGs, the LMA Job Bank or a Service Provider Directory.
      • Learn: Expand your legal marketing knowledge and access the Body of Knowledge, Think Tank, LMA webinars, Strategies magazine, the Strategies+ blog, and much, much more!
      • Attend: This section will house information on events and programs available throughout the year.
      • Celebrate: LMA provides multiple ways to celebrate our members through various awards. Visit this section to nominate or view past winners.
      • MyLMA: When logged in, this will replace the "Join" section and will allow you to easily access your profile details.
  • Who was involved in the redesign?

    The LMA website was designed and developed internally by LMA staff, including members of the marketing, creative and IT teams, with support of the Technology Committee. A special thank you to the members of the Technology Committee for their help and valuable input.

    • Lance G. Godard, co-chair
    • Lindsay Griffiths, co-chair
    • Per Casey
    • Lynne S. Donaghy
    • Linwood Scott Erb
    • Igor Ilynsky
    • Rob Kates
    • Kelly M. MacKinnon
    • Steven Hamilton Medley
    • Laura Powers
    • Rachel Shields Williams
    • Nancy Slome
    • Ashley N. Smith
    • Jennifer Smuts
    • Laura Toledo


We hope you enjoy the new website and have fun exploring! If you have any additional questions or concerns about how to navigate the new LegalMarketing.org, please email marketing@legalmarketing.org.