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The LMA Podcast focuses on hot topics in legal marketing, member education and the business of law, with episodes published every three to four weeks. All podcast episodes are shared on the Strategies+ blog and are available on both SoundCloud and iTunes.

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Episode 01 – P3cast: Professional Development and the 3 Ps

Episode 02 – LMA's Body of Knowledge: An Overview

Episode 03 – BoK and Business Development

Episode 04 – BoK and Business of Law

Episode 05 – BoK and Communications

Episode 06 – P3cast: Outside Counsel Guidelines

Episode 07 – BoK and Client Services

Episode 08 – Live at #LMA17

Episode 09 – P3cast: Client Engagement

Episode 10 – P3cast: Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs)

Episode 11 – BoK and Marketing Management and Leadership

Episode 12 – P3cast: Data & Metrics

Episode 13 – BoK and Technology Management

Episode 14 – Competitive Intelligence for Your Firm

Episode 15 – Proposals in the Law Firm

Episode 16 – Storytelling in Law Firms

Episode 17 – Prepare for Impact

Episode 18 – P3cast: Professional Development and the 3 Ps (Pt. 2)

Episode 19 – Budgeting Best Practices

Episode 20 – Industry-Focused Collaboration for Law Firms

Episode 21 – Your Honor Awards Winner Roundtable

Episode 22 – Voice of the Client

Episode 23 – Evaluating and Enhancing Client Value

Episode 24 – P3cast: Beyond Intrapreneur

Episode 25 – Fostering an Innovative Culture

Episode 26 – P3cast: P3 Women's Initiative Network

Episode 27 – PR & Communications in Law Firms

Episode 28 – P3cast: Automation and Early Adoption

Episode 29 – A Disruptive Force in Client Value

Episode 30 – P3cast: SALI Alliance

Episode 31 – A Passion for Podcasts

Episode 32 – Being Deliberate With Professional Development

Episode 33 – 2018 P3 Conference Recap

Episode 34 – How to Achieve Your Best (Lawyers and Law Firms)

Episode 35 – Competitive Intelligence Within Legal Marketing

Episode 36 – With a Little Help From My Tech

Episode 37 – Cultivate BD Expertise in Your Firm

Episode 38 – Being Your Authentic Self at Work

Episode 39 – Prediction, Possibilities and Problems: What’s Coming for Legal PR in 2019

Episode 40 – Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation

Episode 41 – Innovate, Collaborate and Transform Law Firms

Episode 42 – Critical for Effective Leadership: Emotional Intelligence

Episode 43 – P3cast: Process Improvement and Project Management

Episode 44 – Mindfulness in the Legal Industry

Episode 45 – Legal Project Management in the Modern Firm

Episode 46 – Let the Data Do the Driving: Strengthening Storytelling and Content Through Technology

Episode 47 – Contented Content: The What, Why and How of Developing a Content Strategy, Part 1

Episode 48 – Turning PR Principles Inward

Episode 49 – Not all Value is Created Equal: Pricing Perspectives from Eddie Hartman

Episode 50 – Smart Collaboration: Generating Value and Establishing Trust with Dr. Heidi Gardner

Episode 51 – Contented Content: The What, Why and How of Developing a Content Strategy, Part 2

Episode 52 – Moving the Needle on Social Responsibility

Episode 53 – Cross-Department Collaboration

Episode 54 – Predictions, Possibilities, and Problems: What’s Coming for Legal PR in 2020

Episode 55 – Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet

Episode 56 – Building a Scalable Sales Culture in a Law Firm

Episode 57 –Diversity Communications: Best Practices and Perspectives from Two In-House Pros

Episode 58 –Pricing Confidence With Considerations for Economically Challenging Times

Episode 59 –The Importance of Well-Being in Legal Marketing

Episode 60 – Finding Success Amidst the Disruption of COVID-19

Episode 61 – The Shifting Media Landscape: A One-on-One with Washington Business Journal Editor Michael Neibauer

Episode 62 – Exchanging Career Stories of Growth, Healthy Fear and Success

Episode 63 – Using Quant Law Theory to Increase Profitability

Episode 64 – Strategies to Go Beyond ‘Random Acts of DEI’

Episode 65 – Holding Your Marketing Vendor Accountable: What to Expect in Reporting and What You Should be Paying

Episode 66 – Strategies LIVE! The Intersection of DEI and Business Development

Episode 67 – Tips For Breaking into the News Cycle When It's in Overdrive

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