2018 Winners – Communications: Content Marketing

First Place

Howie, Sacks & Henry LLP

Hernia Mesh Education Site & Content Program

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Summary: Howie, Sacks & Henry LLP began to focus on defective hernia mesh litigation in 2017. The core marketing objective positioned HSH as the choice for victims looking to pursue a claim in Canada. Goals included generating new files, awareness and establishing referral networks. A content marketing program (a microsite, blog content, an eBook, presentations and a video) exceeded goals set for potential client inquiries. Social advertising, social media, newsletters, AdWords and a TV commercial amplified the message.

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Using a growth hacker mentality and agile project management techniques, HSH strategically built its content marketing campaign around a step-up approach. After conceptualizing ideas, small initiatives were launched, A/B testing was conducted and reiteration/fine-tuning occurred. Lessons learned were applied to new campaigns. Initially, the team’s output reached the market through the main HSH website; however, market research suggested medical products required a dedicated web portal. HSH gathered traffic insights, reviewed medical journals and headliners to create content in various formats on questions related to the lawsuit, and created qualifying criteria for visitors to self-qualify. By creating Facebook community pages, the team directly engaged with mesh victims, gained insight into their needs and online behaviour, and tested content. When HSH received a stop and desist notice from the product manufacturer, gears were changed and the campaign continued without listing product names.

The campaign has generated 650 new client inquiries from August 1 to December 13, 2017. HSH has retained 130 clients. Another 200 are awaiting medicals. With the anticipated average file size of $125,000, the current value of new business is approximately $4,063,500 in estimated fees. Aiming for 300 cases by the end of 2018, HSH is on track to open 500.

Honorable Mention


Orrick’s GDPR Global Marketing Campaign

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Summary: Orrick wanted to create an innovative market solution to make Europe’s new privacy law accessible. Its GDPR Global Marketing Campaign had three goals: (1) raise Orrick’s EU profile as the go-to firm for data privacy; (2) increase lawyer engagement with their clients and contacts; and, (3) win new client retentions using the GDPR Tool as a value add. The firm sought to demonstrate the value of marketing campaigns, over random acts of marketing, and create a blueprint and inspiration for future campaigns.

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Orrick created a global marketing campaign based on innovation involving collaboration between eight departments. The opportunity spotting, strategy and implementation were led, created and managed by marketing. The lawyers created the content and with sales conducted client outreach. KM led the tool creation, with collaboration from tech; communications led media engagement and branding; digital media led online engagement activities; and region marketing led local activities. On September 6, 2017, Orrick began its choreographed rollout. At 9 a.m. EST, its web pages went up, its internal announcement was sent and the firm began media outreach. At 10 a.m. EST, the firm sent its news alert and blog post and began its social media campaign. The firm followed the sun around the globe, and on September 7, started its regional campaign in Asia and then its EU targeted efforts. Since launch, Orrick has continued its efforts, including region marketing, contact outreach, media, social media, thought leadership, pitches, internal marketing and mini campaigns.

Based on the goals Orrick set and shared with management, at the three-month review, the team had exceeded expectations.

  • Media: 14 placements, including the Wall Street Journal, Asia Business Law Journal, and The American Lawyer
  • Orrick.com GDPR Web traffic: 5200 unique visits; top visited practice
  • Social media referrals: LinkedIn 939, Twitter 508
  • Contact outreach: 320-plus outreaches, 17 offices, 13 practices, three continents, 75 revenue generators
  • GDPR tool interviews: 100-plus users in 16 countries on three continents
  • Revenue generation: New engagements as a direct result of campaign

Orrick immediately knew it had succeeded in demonstrating the value of innovation and campaigns when partners around the firm inquired. “Our team has turned to Orrick’s tool several times as a resource. They clearly spent a lot of time understanding the impact GDPR will have on their firm and their clients and have stepped forward as an expert on the topic. Automating a personal compliance tool is a tremendous resource," said Liz Cerasuolo, director of communications at Fish.