2018 Winners – Communications: Brand Enhancement

First Place


Goodsill – Brand Enhancement + Teaser

LP-website image.png

Summary: For many law firms in Hawaii, branding appears to be an afterthought. Several practices had recently made small brand refinements, but their lackluster efforts opened the door for Goodsill to:

  • establish a unique brand position in Hawaii;
  • build brand preference in its core markets;
  • and, better compete against mainland law firms.

Stackpole helped Goodsill capitalize on this opportunity to out-brand and out-shout the competition, and to enhance its image as Hawaii’s premier law firm.

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The challenge? Stackpole needed to get familiar with the Hawaiian legal market and establish Goodsill’s premier position, while simultaneously promoting the “Mahalo” sensibilities that define the firm’s unique essence and culture. The new, comprehensive brand strategy included: new positioning and messaging; a new tagline; brand identity development (new logo mark, color palette, imagery) and more — all reflecting both Stackpole's newfound market expertise and Goodsill’s marketplace prominence. “Hawaii Life. Hawaii Law.” The new brand came to life online in an optimized website profiling both the beauty and vibrancy of Hawaiian culture and Goodsill’s new brand positioning. To build anticipation, Stackpole crafted an innovative teaser campaign introducing Goodsill’s new logo mark and hinting at things to come. When curiosity had piqued, the full campaign was launched across print and digital outlets, announcing that “The preeminent name in Hawaii law is now the freshest name in Hawaii law.”

The new responsive design website launched in July 2017 and saw:

  • 3,883 new visitors
  • 100 percent increase over same period last year
  • 75 percent higher than industry average Rebrand Teaser Campaign launched in September 2017
  • Over 1.5 million impressions served
  • Post-launch web sessions increased by 100 percent
  • 1,328 Sessions: August 5 to September 5, 2017
  • 2,606 Sessions: September 5 to October 5, 2017

Second Place

Kelley Kronenberg

The Path: A Story of Leadership (Recruitment Video)

Schwabe - website image.png

Summary: A major firm initiative is to attract the best leaders and talent. Kelley Kronenberg's goal was to create a recruitment video to resonate with a small set of attorneys who want to take the next career step: one that will add significant value to their practice and enable a personally satisfying and passionate path to leadership. The firm aimed to strategically leverage video to emotionally connect with its target, express the strengths and qualities it's looking for in candidates, and show the value it offers to the right talent.

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Before producing the film, Kelley Kronenberg spent months researching and studying the marketing videos of top brands (Nike, Under Armor, Microsoft, etc.) to better understand their efforts to emotionally reach audiences, build trust and communicate authority. The firm also analyzed other law firms' video marketing, with the intention of creating a piece that was unique and never before seen in the law firm space. The firm spent time understanding the motivations of its targets — leading lateral hires do not usually change firms without a gripping reason (an easier commute, better title or pay increase is not enough) — and crafting a compelling message. The firm also spent weeks interviewing and hiring a top production team. It scouted locations for filming and worked closely with the team on all aspects of production and post-production. The actual shoot was held over two full days, across two counties and six locations. Kelly Kronenberg created a production timetable to keep the project organized and on a very tight schedule.

Unlike other firm videos, this film is not sales focused. It creates a compelling story that connects with its audience’s energy and style. The film shows that Kelley Kronenberg understands the unique attributes and mindset of driven, self-motivated talent. It tells a complete story, absent any words, and leaves the audience with the feeling that the firm is more than your average firm. Rather, Kelley Kronenberg is a place where innovative goals, abilities and projects are carried out by ambitious, dedicated and passionate people. This video is part of a more extensive series (currently in production) that will have a comprehensive distribution strategy. Future dissemination will include extensive targeting of candidates using highly pinpointed social media recruiting. Though the firm hasn’t distributed the film, it has been viewed by firm leadership; their incredibly positive reaction solidified the firm's success of developing an ambitious recruitment video that focuses on aspiring to be better, do better and lead the way.

Honorable Mention

Graydon Head & Ritchey LLP

Graydon Rebrand Project

Gowling - website image.pngSummary: Graydon was founded in 1871 and holds the distinction as Cincinnati’s oldest general practice law firm. Sensing a change in the way law is practiced, Graydon underwent a strategic planning process, and one of the many directives was to become “Cincinnati’s most innovative and vibrant law firm.” While Graydon felt vibrant and innovative, they didn’t look it — they were still legal libraries and courthouse columns. Change was imminent.

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Graydon’s brand journey started in June 2014. At that time, they didn’t know the extent of the changes that would be taking place at the firm. They later found out they would not only be rebranding, but they would also be leaving their current office where they had been residents for the past 47 years. The new brand was instrumental in all aspects of the firm’s future. In July 2015, Graydon engaged Kolar Design to assist in facilitating their brand journey, and they led the Graydon marketing team and 20 attorneys of diverse thought on a half-day, off-site retreat. The group was armed with the directive to “be bold.” The off-site provided an opportunity for reflection, and a push for change. Graydon’s brand launched on October 3, 2016 – the same day the firm moved into its new headquarters, and launched its new website, graydon.law.

The Graydon brand was transformative in all phases of the firm. The core idea for the new Graydon brand was “Connections.” The identity was created around the ways Graydon connects with clients, the community and each other. The result of the brand journey started with a new logo. Graydon created a fresh, bright and bold logo that reflects the new Graydon. It also provided an icon that could be used in pattern form for collateral, promotional materials, as well as throughout the offices. The Graydon proprietary logotype is done in bold, all caps letterforms that project the attributes of trustworthiness, strength and ability. The icon is made of overlapping dialogue boxes that demonstrate the brand story – Graydon’s diversity coming together at the Connection Square. It intuitively shows connection to Graydon’s clients, the community and each other. The brand palette blends timely blue hues with fresh, vibrant accents celebrating the momentum of a new Graydon.