2017 Winners - Technology Management: Website, Analytics and SEO, Total Website Refresh/Overhaul Totaling Up to $75,000

First Place

HALL MAINES LUGRIN, P.C. (Partnered with greenfield belser, a finn partner company)

Hall Maines Lugrin, P.C. Website

GB-website image.png

Summary: After opening their doors in 2000, Hall Maines Lugrin quickly rose to the top as an energy insurance litigation firm with unparalleled knowledge and experience in energy coverages. As the firm grew over time, so did their insider’s knowledge of the industry and their technical expertise in complex commercial issues and disputes. Today, 18 attorneys strong, Hall Maines Lugrin enjoys a well-earned reputation as an energy-focused trial boutique with trial capabilities and litigation skills in handling high-value, elaborate and thorny commercial cases. The new brand and website delivers a high-energy presentation of the firm’s depth and focus in their field.

The firm's research included internal interviews with firm management and key stakeholders within the firm, as well as associates, along with a handful of external client interviews. They also conducted competitor and market research to better understand the strength of their differentiators and value of their competitive position, particularly as it relates to the commercial litigation work. While they really had little, to no, obstacles standing in their way on this project, they did find a slight challenge in getting the key partners to carve out time to review copy for the new site, which had been written by a hired copywriter. They felt the copy was critical to complementing the website and translating their high energy and fierce spirit in the same fashion as the site did in look and feel. Without partners reviewing and editing their copy to weave in the personal flair, the site would have read a bit boring but looked bright and energetic.

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Hall Maines Lugrin has become one of U.S.’s foremost energy insurance litigation firms with unparalleled knowledge and experience in energy coverages. They've deepened their technical expertise in complex commercial issues and disputes. They've evolved from an energy insurance coverage firm to an energy-focused trial boutique, handling high-value, elaborate commercial cases. Their website refresh showcases the insurance coverage and commercial litigation aspects of the firm, as well as their evolvement.

The primary marketing goal was to broaden the firm’s position from an energy insurance coverages firm to an energy-focused trial boutique, showcasing both the insurance coverage and commercial litigation aspects of the firm in a bright and energetic style. With a significant portion of their energy insurance coverage work being directed from Lloyd’s of London, the firm also wanted to change perceptions that they’re beholden to London, allowing them to expand their name recognition beyond the energy insurance market in order to attract major energy companies in non-coverage disputes. In the absence of an internal marketing professional, four equity partners took the lead, working with an outside consultant to design and build the website responsively to deliver an outstanding user experience across all devices, redo all attorney biography photos to highlight a relatively young partnership and a southern-chic firm with personable qualities and to emphasize our story of evolution through case studies.

Working with key messaging around the message, “Deep Energy Experience. Novel Business Solutions.”, the firm has been able to convey that they know the energy industry with insider-like knowledge and that their solutions are not run-of-the-mill but rather novel when handling complex, thorny commercial litigation disputes. Already owning this position in the market, they just needed to say it and look it and the firm believes the new site does both, making them truly distinctive in their space. The firm designated one equity partner to work with the outside agency to ensure approvals were obtained when required and deadlines were met, keeping the project on time and on budget. This partner played a key role in the project internally and kept the project moving at a quick pace as tight deadlines were set at the outset of the project.

The team knew going into this project achieving success was not going to be difficult given the site we had at the time. In other words, anything new was going to be better than what they had. However, upon seeing the finished product, the firm (staff and attorneys included) was thrilled that it had captured the firm experience and the firm better than they had imagined, and was going to give them a solid platform and unified voice from which to market. They also believe the site successfully showcases their evolution and highlights both sides of the firm very well; insurance coverage and commercial litigation.

Second Place

LIGRIS + ASSOCIATES PC (Partnered with clockwork design group)

Ligris Website

ligris - website image.png

Summary: Ligris + Associates PC is a young, innovative law firm that’s willing to take some risks when it comes to marketing their firm. The result is a website that reflects the firm’s innovative attitude. The design is modern, hip without being trendy and truly on-brand. Though the firm is small, the site looks big, bold and forward-thinking. The new site has helped build brand awareness, grow the firm’s headcount and bring in new business.

The Ligris site was created on a fairly tight timeline. The project kick-off date to the delivery of the Beta site was completed in exactly five months, including content writing and all new photography. The quick decision-making by the managing partner and COO allowed the schedule to stay on track.

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Ligris is a small but rapidly growing firm that specializes in commercial and residential real estate and trusts and estates work. The attorneys are young, energetic and extremely modern technologically in the way they conduct business. The main goals of the new website were to:

  • Establish a visual brand that does not look like a “typical” law firm website, differentiates the firm and immediately presents a modern, energetic, vibrant and fun style.
  • Engage visitors with messaging that is reflective of the firm’s style: quick, to the point, clever and witty.
  • Build a technologically innovative site, responsive for easy mobile viewing, with a contact form as well as client intake forms to leverage the website for paperless communications.
  • Encourage exploration throughout the site with obvious cross-links and related content on every page.
  • Leverage the new design standards across all marketing collateral to create a unified brand and build awareness of the firm.

The firm’s managing partner and COO knew they wanted a unique and truly memorable design, and were not afraid to look and sound different from other law firms. The new site is modern, fun, immediately conveys the firm’s personality and sets them apart from their competitors. The new contact form and client intake forms have saved the firm countless hours and reduced paperwork considerably. The non-public online client intake forms ask initial questions to determine if the user is a buyer or seller, etc., then sends the user to the appropriate intake form powered by Adobe® EchoSign. On attorney bio pages, attorneys can post personal photos in a Facebook-like fashion, as well as fun facts about themselves that scroll. Clients and prospects choose and work with attorneys because they know them and sharing personal information helps this happen. Allowing attorneys to personalize their bio pages is a unique differentiator for this firm's site.

Since launch, the Ligris website has shown impressive results:

  • Page views to the Attorney listing page increased over 200 percent; from approximately 350 views in the month before the new site launch to over 1,000 views in one month a year after launch.
  • Important for their business, Ligris needed to target visitors to a contact form with prominent call to actions throughout the site (the old website had no contact form of any kind). Page views of the contact form are now typically around 100-200 views per month.
  • The firm's Facebook page now has over 700 likes (impressive for a firm of only 26 attorneys) and social referrals have increased by over 57 percent across the firm’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. Along with the social referrals, direct search sessions increased over 19 percent, organic search increased over 10 percent and the total referral sessions increased over 8.5 percent.
  • The website has helped with recruiting objectives. The firm has grown by over 8 percent since launch in mid-May.

Third Place

WORKMAN NYDEGGER PC (partnered WITH greenfield belser)

Workman Nydegger Wesbite

Greenfield Belser - website image.png

Summary: Founded in 1984 with modest beginnings, Workman Nydegger stands among the largest firms in Salt Lake City, Utah. Well-known as a high-caliber intellectual property boutique focused on prosecution and litigation, Workman Nydegger is not just any IP firm. They view IP as an art form, investing a skilled craftsman approach to strategically build IP assets and litigate IP interests. With a unique intellectual property law philosophy, Workman Nydegger has sharpened their firm brand and market position by focusing on differentiating as IP artisans over IP practitioners. Showcasing warm and engaging images of artisans working on their craft throughout the site conveys the firm’s view of IP law as an art form, not just a profession. Craftsmanship is also translated through rich attorney photos that remain static as the page content scrolls. Headlines were developed to drive home the principle that Workman Nydegger practices the art of IP.

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Feeling fragmented from their departures, the goal was to define the core strength of the firm as it sits today and to build a strong presence around their online presence. When looking at what the firm does well, and comparing themselves to the newest batch of competition, they kept seeing their approach to IP is different from anyone in their space, as they intimately knew their competition’s approach to IP. Their task was to convey that message in a clear, concise and compelling way that communicated why Workman Nydegger is a better choice. Viewing IP as an art form, the firm sharpened their brand and market position by focusing on differentiating Workman Nydegger as IP artisans over IP practitioners. The executive director took the lead on the project, in collaboration with an outside consultant, and worked through the design and build of the website with various approval stages that involved the firm’s marketing committee.

The key message was artisans of their craft, Workman Nydegger is a high-caliber IP firm that takes great pride in the execution of their craft and approaching their work as an art form. The team felt this clearly articulated Workman Nydegger’s unique approach to the practice of IP and substantially distinguished them from competition. Essentially, what this says, and what they built their messaging around was, they’re more like skilled craftsman than technicians in their approach to IP. Workman Nydegger doesn’t just write a patent at face value, rather they give a critical, unbiased look at the patent, anticipate loopholes others may use against it, and apply deeper thought and creativity to writing a substantially stronger patent. Practicing IP is their passion, not just a career and it fascinates us. Led by the executive director, the website was designed and built by outside consultants on a fairly tight schedule.

The key goal going into the project was to unify the firm’s voice and better define their market position following the departures. They achieved this with the new site. Their voice is stronger today than it ever was and the team believes this project brought together the core of who they are today with a message that is attractive in the IP space and distinguishing against their competition. The artisan message was bought into by all and feels very on point for the firm.

Honorable Mention

Isaac Wiles Burkholder & Teetor, LLC

Isaac Wiles Total Website Refresh/Overhaul/Rebrand Totaling Up to $75,000

Isaac Wiles - website images.png

Summary: Isaac Wiles is a chronicle of two well-established firms who took similar parallel paths for decades before forming a perfect union. Historically perceived as insurance defense firms, both firms also shared a reputation for no-nonsense, cost-effective, pragmatic representation, which made for a natural fit when they merged in 2013. Having merger fatigue, their attorneys retreated and returned to practicing law, but soon recognized there was more work to be done. Isaac Wiles had two main goals: to develop a sustainable position to support the new firm and state why Isaac Wiles is the best choice, and to target and secure more work from the chosen position.  

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The primary goal was to develop a sustainable position to support the new firm and state why Isaac Wiles is the best choice. Other goals they had included building name recognition for the new firm, generating firm-wide exposure to diffuse the notion they were a handful of great quarterbacks, change perceptions the firm is still primarily an insurance defense firm and to more aggressively communicate Isaac Wiles is the right partner for middle market businesses.

Their messaging platform focuses entirely on the middle market sector with carefully selected words and images to convey they are Midwestern attorneys that align well and work successfully with middle market businesses. Bottom line, they are built for the middle market space. Members from their administrative staff and management committee worked with an outside consultant to bring the brand to life via the firm’s new website with a specific goal of targeting and securing more work from middle market businesses.

Working effectively and in tandem with an outside consultant who guided them through the messaging and design/development process, the firm was able to reach their goal of a new web site that was launched on time and on budget. They kept those involved internally fairly streamlined, and with the dedicated help from their newly appointed marketing manager, it enabled them to keep the project running smoothly and progressing without hiccups or delay. In the spring of 2016, they held an internal launch party on the eve of their hard launch. Through cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, the firm gave a brief presentation highlighting the new site and sent all attorneys and staff home with branded goodie bags to help generate enthusiasm and excitement for the new direction the firm was moving in and the new site that would launch the next day.

The site was launched in early Mar. 2016 and was internally met with rave reviews and a feeling of confidence that the new entity finally stood for something. Attorneys stated they are “finally proud to send people to our site.” The marketing team believes the new website helps achieve all goals initially stated, or provides them with a strong foundation to continue achieving said goals. Additionally, they have installed Google Analytics on the site and have a team in place to monitor the analytics regularly so adjustments can be made to the site based on which pages are most trafficked. Since the site launched, the average session duration has increased, the bounce rate has decreased by 7 percent and we have over 2000 more users visiting the site than they did this time last year.