Your Honor Awards Criteria and Rules

The criteria and rules noted below are for the 2016-2017 Your Honor Awards program. Updated criteria and rules for the 2017-2018 Your Honor Awards program will be available shortly.

All entries must be submitted by an LMA member in good standing. Consultants, agencies and designers submitting on behalf of a client must include a letter of permission from the firm on the firm’s letterhead with the entry. LMA will accept YHA submissions only through the online submission form.

Each entry must consist of:

Marketing Goal(s) – 1000 characters max.
What were the goals that the firm wanted to achieve through the implementation of this marketing initiative? Judges will be looking at both strategy and objectives. Did the project seem to meet these goals and if not, why?
Production and Implementation – 1000 characters max.
How did the project achieve the stated goals? What steps did your firm take to get results? The judges will be looking to see if this project pushed any boundaries for legal marketing. Is this project something other firms should learn from?
Results – 1000 characters max.
What makes this project special and different? (Provide results and data to support your claims). Various campaigns provide different types of data points for results. Help the judges know what you were hoping to achieve and provide metrics and data that support your success. If your project was special, let us know how and why.
Provide precise budget data so that judges may evaluate a cost/benefit relationship. If the project was completed in-house, explain time, staff and resources used to complete project. Failure to provide information about costs and budget will result in disqualification of entry.
  • Hard costs – 500 characters max.
  • Soft costs – 500 characters max.
Why We Need Budget Information
There is no “right” budget for any project, but knowing the amount spent, and how it was spent allows the judges to gain additional insights into each project. It also helps the judges make a determination as to whether the investments made were worthwhile and successfully achieved the stated goals.
Why Should You Win – 500 characters max.
In addition to the details noted on the previous page, each entry must include:
Submission Synopsis

Submission synopsis that is appropriate for public distribution.

This required submission synopsis must no less than 250 words (2,000 characters) and no more than 500 words (4,000 characters).

LMA will feature the synopsis and other key details from award-winning entries – other than confidential data, including actual costs – on the LMA website as well as in recognition materials, LMA publications and related communications.

LMA follows AP style; thus, this synopsis should be written in third-person. Staff will edit award-winning entries as needed to adhere with AP style.

Supporting Materials
Digital photos of entry materials, firm collateral, promotional items, etc. Submit photos and entry materials that will allow the judges to assess your work. Photos may be published on the LMA website and other recognition media. In this section of the submission tool, you may also update a single formatted or stylized document showcasing your 6,000 - character description for the judges; feel free to include images, graphics or other visuals that support your description.

If your entry includes a physical component (e.g., printed brochures or other collateral, event materials, giveaways), you may send samples of those materials by mail to the following address for the judges’ consideration:

Legal Marketing Association
c/o Kimberly Barclay
330 N. Wabash Ave., Suite 2000
Chicago, IL 60611


All entries must be delivered to Legal Marketing Association headquarters via the online submission form no later than 12:00 p.m. CST on Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016. No extensions will be granted, and no exceptions will be made. The entry fee of $250 must be included with each submission.

NOTE: All incomplete entry forms will be disqualified.