Introducing Well-Being Wednesdays

The Well-Being Committee (WBC) is excited to launch a new 2021 initiative, Well-Being Wednesdays. We know that consistency and planning ahead are ingredients for well-being success. On the last Wednesday of each month, you can expect an interactive and discussion-focused program addressing well-being issues that impact LMA members. All programs include input and collaboration from a different SIG, committee, or LMA initiative. We look forward to promoting positive mental health, cultivating resilience, and creating healthy work environments with you.

Join the WBC on Wednesday, February 24 for our inaugural Well-Being Wednesday:

Same Storm, Different Boats: Navigating a Sea of Stressors
February 24, 2021
1:00 pm CT

The past year has not been smooth sailing. Our well-being has suffered; our mental health has been tested. 

Remote work, responsibilities at home, a global pandemic, and a complex social and political landscape have created the perfect (stress) storm. Yet even with these commonalities, each of us is living a very personal experience shaped by our own unique circumstances and diverse backgrounds. The perfect storm has given way to important conversations about the intersection between DEI and well-being. 

Join us for our inaugural Well-Being Wednesday as members from the DEI SIG discuss how they manage unhealthy stress, approach difficult conversations, and effect positive changes in their personal and professional spheres. Following a short Q&A with our peer panel, you will have an opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices in a smaller group forum.

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LMA has created this Well-Being Resource Center and a Well-Being Committee to support legal professionals in being resilient, healthy and whole. The information and tools in the center are for our members and all in the legal industry to access in order to help them and their teams feel supported, safe, engaged and healthy.

Mission Statement: The purpose of the Well-Being Committee is to support members of the legal marketing community by providing resources, education, and advocacy to promote positive mental health, cultivate resilience and create healthy work environments. The committee seeks to reduce mental health stigma, provide resources and training, as well as offer actionable recommendations to increase well-being and support the success of legal marketing professionals.

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  • Recording | LMA Well-Being Committee Launch & Maintaining Resilience During COVID-19
    Well-being, resilience, and mental health have been a trending topic in the legal profession in the last few years. Hear from members of the LMA Well-Being Committee as they share information and tools to feel supported, safe, engaged, and healthy in this recorded webinar.

External Resources by Topic:

Mental Health
Physical Well-Being
Screening & Self Assessments
Substance Abuse
Suicide Prevention
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Are you a speaker focusing on mental health and well-being? If you are a consultant or speaker in this area, please add your information to the Speaker Database. Be sure to include "Well-Being" in your session title.
  • Are you looking for speaker in the areas of mental health and well-being? If you are searching for a consultant or speaker please search the Speaker Database.

Wellness Survey and Report:

2020 Legal Marketing Mental Wellness Report

This year, LMA partnered with fSquared Marketing to conduct the survey to hear in-house legal marketers' perspectives as well as service providers' perspectives on stress and mental wellness in the legal industry. The results from both surveys forms the basis of the 2020 Legal Marketing Mental Wellness Report. Thank you for participation!

Download the 2020 Report

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2019 Legal Marketing Mental Wellness Report

Workplace stress as experienced by lawyers has been well documented in recent years; long hours and cases that have real-world impacts, as well as a ‘perfectionist’ culture have led many lawyers to feel stressed and overwhelmed. But, what about the staff who form the foundation for law firms, such as legal marketers?

fSquared Marketing surveyed 200 legal marketers across several countries and firm sizes. The results point to legal marketers dealing with striking levels of stress and highlights that they don’t feel they have the resources or support to deal with stress effectively at work. fSquared Marketing compiled these findings into an in-depth report, which they share with law firms, universities, journalists, anyone and everyone with an interest in the legal profession. 

Download the 2019 Report

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Join the discussion by clicking on the links below! This is a great forum to share stories and best practices, get advice from colleagues and discuss key topics regarding well-being and mental health.

Make sure to abide by our etiquette rules when using the discussion forums.

The Legal Marketing Association (LMA) welcomes and encourages participation in discussions about well-being and mental health; however, LMA reserves the right to remove inappropriate or offensive posts, along with those that may violate client privilege or inappropriately promote products or services. We ask you to use the following guidelines:

  • Do not use offensive or hurtful language. Be respectful of other points of view, even if they differ from your own.
  • Do not mention names of clients, firms or colleagues; rather, discuss scenarios generally.
  • Refrain from posting self-promotional products or services.
  • Please post any jobs in the jobs area or promotions in the promotions area.
  • Self-promoting, pandering, abusive or sales-focused posts will result in a warning from the Group Manager and repeated abuses will result in the member being blocked from participation in the group.

LMA intends to share information that is useful to professionals in the legal marketing field. The information shared on this page contains personal opinions and views of individuals. Opinions are not necessarily condoned, approved or reflective of the official views of LMA. LMA reserves the right to remove inappropriate or offensive posts along with those that may violate privacy guidelines.

  • If an individual submits a post * that is in violation of LMA’s well-being discussion forum etiquette rules, the Well-Being Committee will provide up to one warning (per individual).
    • Note*: the post would be in regards to being blatantly self-promotional/self-serving.
  • If after receiving a warning, an individual submits another post that is in violation of our etiquette rules, the Well-Being Committee will send a note about removing this individual from the SIG for a three-month period.
    • The “offender” will need to reach out to the Well-Being Committee to ask to be added back after the three-month period.
  • After the three-month period, the individual will be re-instated. Should they post something again, not following the etiquette rules, they will not receive a warning this time and be removed for a six-month period.
  • Should they continue to be a repeat offender, they will be removed from the discussion forum permanently.


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