Southeast 2020 Your Honor Awards
and Member of the Year

The LMA Your Honor Awards cover excellence in legal marketing. All categories are aligned with the Body of Knowledge, created by the Legal Marketing Association. Read the FAQs and access the submission forms for your entries below!

Your Honor Awards

1. Business Development
Drives new business and increased revenue for the law firm — both directly and indirectly — through client and prospect outreach, attorney coaching and mentoring, and market intelligence.

1A. Coaching / Training / Planning. This includes attorney coaching, training programs, business development plans, sales and networking techniques, and cross‐selling initiatives.

1B. Events. This includes seminars, open houses, networking events and webinars.

2. Business of Law
Demonstrates an understanding of the legal profession through evaluating firm financial and operational performance, building strategies to leverage market opportunities, and implementing practices that maximize performance.

Strategic initiatives the firm undertook that involved the marketing team. This includes projects that involve market and business intelligence, profitability and pricing, talent management, financial management, project management, and measurement of ROI.

Example 1: Collaboration between multiple departments within the firm such as finance, marketing and professional development around succession planning.
Example 2: Market research efforts designed to provide data for assessing high-potential growth areas.

3. Client Services
Consists of the techniques, processes and standards by which law firms' professional staff serve the lawyers in the firm and the clients of the firm, including the disciplines of project management and process improvement.

This includes any programs or processes developed by a law firm designed to specifically help it better serve clients, such as client feedback programs, process improvement, client experience, and industry and client teams.

4. Communications
Entails developing and implementing internal and external messaging strategies to broaden the impact of a firm’s programs and brand position.

4A. Brand enhancement. This includes logos and any kind of design or key messaging related to the enhancement of a firm’s brand identity. Example: New identity design, tagline and/or key messaging that clearly positions the firm and/or differentiates it from all others.

4B. Promotional and collateral materials. This includes brochures, annual reports, integrated branded materials, advertising, promotional giveaways, holiday mailings/ announcements and tradeshow booths.

4C. Media relations/PR. This includes press releases, news conferences, crisis communications, other non‐paid media coverage, media training programs, COVID-19, charitable and community service programs, and pro bono projects.

4D. Content marketing. Includes the planning and execution of a campaign that primarily involves the creation of content around a specific topic that demonstrates the firm’s capabilities and experience in that area and helped to establish the firm as a player in the area/topic the content addressed. This would include the innovative use of rich media, a photo gallery, videos and podcasts.

5. Marketing Management and Leadership

Establishes and effectively manages a highly functioning marketing organization through people and processes that foster collaboration and drive overall business objectives.

5A. Internal marketing. This includes internal marketing initiatives that are designed to improve the performance and relevancy of the marketing and business development departments within a firm.

Example 1: Internal attorney communications, feedback and change management projects Example 2: Marketing department/services organizational structure and dynamics
Example 3: Creative partnerships with vendors and service partners

5B. Diversity and Inclusion. This includes any firm-wide efforts that involved the marketing department to help the firm or the legal industry become more diverse, or to raise awareness for diversity.

6. Technology
Includes identification, implementation and effective management of the technologies and technology staff that support marketing and business development.

6A. Social Media/Email marketing and Other Digital Promotions. This includes innovative campaigns that involve social media platforms, email and related campaigns. Additionally, any proactive efforts to improve website traffic through strategic SEO initiatives.

6B. Applications and innovative use of software, technology and other platforms. This includes noteworthy blogs or ancillary websites for the firm as well as the development of specific technology applications, such as mobile apps. Additionally, any initiative that involves the innovative use of software or technology platforms — such as CRM systems, proposal and pitch development tools, experience management tools, or marketing automation platforms — to help further a firm’s marketing goals.

6C. Website design and development. This includes firm-wide websites, blogs or microsites.

6C.1: Projects totaling up to $85,000.
6C.2: Projects totaling between $85,001–$185,000.
6C.3: Projects totaling $185,001 or higher.

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Member of the Year

Do you know an LMASE member who is outstanding? Share a nomination for the Board to consider for Member of the Year about someone who demonstrates leadership and contributes to LMASE with encouragement and creativity!

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Q: Who can enter?
A: Either a law firm or a service provider may submit entries. However, consultants and vendors must provide written approval from the law firm on firm letterhead.

Q:What is the deadline?
A: Monday, August 17. There will not be an extension.

Q: What timeframe is eligible for submission?
A: Any work produced to promote or market the services of a law firm between September 2019 and August 2020 is eligible to enter.

Q: How much does it cost to enter, and how can I pay?
A: Cost is $50 per entry. This year’s fees have been reduced in light of COVID-19. You can pay with a credit card or by check. If you are paying by check, the check must be received by the submission deadline. Please make checks payable to “LMASE” and send checks to: Christina Smith, P.O. Box 43212, Birmingham, AL 35243 and note this is for YHA. Submission for Member of the Year does not have a fee.

Q: Can I send in a hard copy to enhance my submission?
A: We cannot accept hard copy submissions. Sending hard copies will automatically disqualify your submission.