President's Message: First Day of Kindergarten - A Reminder of Life's Important Lessons

This week I experienced a milestone with my son that brings back one of the earliest memories I have as a child - the first day of kindergarten. You might be wondering what the first day of kindergarten has to do with legal marketing, but I am here to share - a lot! 

Much like the preparation we face day-to-day in our careers, I witnessed my jovial and highly inquisitive boy formulate his thoughts and ideas around this next big step. He started with questions, and lots of them - where would he go, who else would be there, what should he wear, what would he eat, and, most excitedly, how would he know which bus to get on? He then immersed himself in the mindset of being a kindergartener. He needed to practice picking out his own outfit, packing his lunch, walking to and from the bus stop, introducing himself to new friends, reciting the name of his school and the mascot. He sought out others, and asked them about kindergarten - adults and children alike! 

In the moment, and in between bouts of denial and tears, I begin to recognize his incredibly dynamic and mature actions. I begin to wonder - are we wired to act this way as humans, or do we learn by example? As a working mother who is constantly self-evaluating my contributions as both a mother and employee - I am going with the latter. He is learning by example! 

As of late, I have found myself thinking of the book by Robert Fulghum, "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten," which highlights the significance found in life's everyday details. We are all far more experienced and wise than we know, and we likely were on the first day of kindergarten when we learned to always try our best, listen, treat people with kindness and respect, stick together, and live a balanced life of work, play and learning. Cheers, hugs, and high fives to all of you out there who are sending your kids off to school this month, and same to those of you working alongside parents who are in the throes of a new schedule! Keep it up and keep supporting one another!


Amy Norris
2018 LMASE President