Message from the President:

Last month, I had the pleasure of hosting the LMASE Board and the incoming Local Steering Committee Leaders for a few days in my own backyard - Charlotte!  The last in-person meeting of the year for the LMASE Board is always bittersweet. We spent time reflecting on what we've accomplished over the past year and we identified where we want to focus for 2019.  This year, we filtered our ideas and projects around three core themes - empower, engage, connect.  With our members top of mind, we continued to refine our approach to communications. Stemming from our LMASE Board Hackathon earlier this year, we were able to put pen to paper on executing a social media and communications plan. I am excited to share that in 2019, we will have an enhanced newsletter to roll out, a new social media approach to use, and more.  
Spending time with our incoming Local Steering Committee (LSC) Leaders was a blast, and I was astonished to hear some of the ideas that bubbled up from our New Member/Volunteer Mapping exercise. As our boots on the ground, our LSC Leaders have a unique ability to engage and truly understand what motivates each one of our members to continue to raise a hand in service for this organization. Being able to sit around a table together and share ideas may seem simple, but it was worth its weight in gold.
The Southeast region will be in tremendous hands under the leadership of our 2019 LMASE President Jessica Haarsgaard. It was yet another bittersweet moment as I passed the official president's gavel over to her.  And while we say goodbye to the fantastic leadership of Ioana Good, Jennifer Scotton, Chris Sizemore and Chad Rothschild,  I am excited to have Laura Hudson, Lauren Parsons, Emily Woloschuk and Caroline Yarborough, at the table. Fresh ideas, fresh perspective, and building on the great work over this past year sets us on a successful track for 2019!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season.
Amy Norris
2018 LMASE President